June 22, 2021

What Are You Even Hiring For? Vetting Candidates Under a Salary History Ban


You have a process and rhythm to your hiring approach. You have your go-to questions. But if you’re in Illinois, a recent law banning questions about salary history may mean you have to make some changes.

As of September 29, companies in Illinois can no longer ask job applicants for their salary history—a bill that Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law in July. While the law advances pay equity and could be life-changing for workers, it forces recruiters and hiring managers to adapt their approach to interviewing and hiring.

We want to make sure you’re ready to adapt to these changes. Start by looking at the company from a high level:

  1. What kind of talent is the company lacking?
  2. Are the needed skills easy to find?
  3. What kind of personalities will mesh with the organization?

There are basic questions that your interviews must answer:

  • Does the candidate have relevant experience?
  • What are they doing in their current role?
  • What do they like about the work they’re doing?
  • What do they dislike?
  • Why are they looking for something new?
  • Does what they are looking for align with the company’s needs?

Ultimately, you have to be realistic about what you’re looking for. Candidates are only going to succeed if you know exactly what the company needs and who will work best within that specific company’s culture.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, making the right hire comes down to the right skills and the right fit. Make sure you can define what you’re looking for in terms of talent, skills and personality.

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