February 1, 2023

What’s the upside of hiring right now?


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I love lists.

In “office dork” circles, there’s less companies hiring. Lots of places – with the budget – are frozen in place.

But we have a lot of clients pushing forward right now. If you jump in, here’s what you can expect:

👉More yeses.

Less companies hiring, less multi-offer situations, less rejections. Higher acceptance ratios skyrocket.

Net net: each position isn’t the absolute time suck to hire for like it’s been for 2 years. (Maybe 10?)

(Side note: ‘yeses’ looks so odd when you spell it out. I triple checked it to make sure it’s even a word. Weird.)

👉Get your top choice more often.

I’ll be frank: there’s a LOT of people that can do most jobs. Hiring managers *can* be needlessly picky.

But it’s understandable: getting it wrong impacts them directly. Make 1 bad hire and you’re not likely to forget it.

Everyone likes getting their top choice. In any aspect of life. If you hire right now, it’s gonna feel like you’re using a cheat code.

👉More time to convey your value. And more time to vet.

The downside of a hot market is it’s fast. That might sound silly, but moving so fast neither side had a chance to think it through is real.

Remember all those new stories about “boomerang hires?” Or short stints people had in late 2021?

Maybe that was you. Job seekers were excited to get back to work. Or get a substantial bump. Companies moved at lightning speed just to keep up with each other.

There’s value in companies having the time to clearly articulate their value. And make sure it really is a match. Job seekers don’t want to end up in the wrong place either.

I’m never going to advocate moving slow af, but for the first time in a while: you don’t have to cut corners.

👉Onshoring. So hot right now.

We have a few clients who did more off-shoring than they wanted to over the last 2 years. Salary inflation was so high they couldn’t afford to build the team they wanted based on numbers from just a year prior.

I’m not anti offshoring by any means. But if there’s aspects of your business you want to keep local, it’s easier now than a year ago.

👉Get the ‘lay off’ pool before they’re gobbled up.

Daily reminder that unemployment is still 3.5% and there are 1.7 jobs for every unemployed worker. It’s not that there aren’t companies hiring that you have to compete against. It’s that you don’t have to compete against the companies with the deepest pockets: Big Tech.

The people laid off won’t be unemployed for long. It’s just a matter of where they go.

This is the employer’s market every company’s been waiting for. Blink and you might miss it.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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