January 21, 2022

WTF is OnDemand Recruiting?


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Special bonus content time, just for my loyal subscribers. Normally what I post here is my LinkedIn content, word for word. I write it with you, the blog reader, in mind. But trim it down to a neat 3000 characters. I hate double work.

Today is a little different. I want to explain why I’m writing this (and I’m already way over that limit.)

When it comes to content, the difference between value and self-aggrandizing bullshit is simple:

Does anyone want to know this? Does it enlighten or inform?

More simply: does it answer a question anyone actually has?

Our internal content process at Hirewell starts with that. We have regular brainstorming sessions. We discuss what real questions our clients or job seekers have.

Then the topics (our shows, blogs, posts, and even this newsletter) give our perspective by answering them.

Your salespeople (should) know everything your marketing team needs to make successful content.

Then I realized further: maybe there’s an even easier way to go about it still.

Just write a damn FAQ for every topic. Share the f*ck out of it – social posts, document shares, slide shows, put in on your site, Notion page, sales emails, etc.

We did this with our internal hiring. We made a 37 questions FAQ for people interesting in joining us, here. It’s all questions real people ask us. If you follow Hirewell on LinkedIn (here), you’re gonna start seeing slideshows and image shares highlighting parts of it on the reg.

We started that recently, and it’s great. Modern buyers, whether they’re job seekers, consumers, or people on behalf of their company, just want the damn details.

So why not cut the sales BS and give the FAQ?

Granted, it’s an experiment and I have no idea how it will pan out. But whatever. Costs nothing.

Anyway, OnDemand Recruiting is the fastest-growing service at Hirewell. It’s growing so fast that we haven’t even ramped up the marketing for it, just no need yet.

But I get the same questions over and over.

So, here’s the FAQ I posted on LinkedIn today:

What exactly is OnDemand Recruiting?

A full time member of Hirewell’s team is 100% dedicated to you. 40 hours a week. Not just sourcing and vetting, but managing all internal processes (e.g. setting up/managing ATS, job postings and inbound, interview set up, etc.)

They look and feel like a member of your team, internally and externally. You manage them as you would anyone else.

It’s ideal when you need more recruiting bandwidth, quickly. 

How is it different from contract recruiting?

OnDemand recruiters are full-time employees of Hirewell. They’re vetted, proven performers with demonstrated success at our clients. Availability depends on existing client commitments but is predictable and reliable. We work with you to define the metrics, arm them with our tools to increase their efficiency, and stay involved to make sure the job gets done.

How do you charge?

Flat rate per month. No variable cost or per hire fees whatsoever.

What skill sets are you able to assist with?

Two profiles:

1. Tech recruiters. Software development, data, architecture, product, devops, cloud, etc.

2. Generalist recruiters. Sales, marketing, operations, F&A, HR, Manufacturing,  etc.

What sorts of backgrounds do your recruiters have?

Most have a mix of internal and agency experience. They manage internal company processes. And they aggressively target the passive candidate market the way external recruiters do.

What if I just need help with sourcing? Can Hirewell assist with that?

Yes! We have added team members strictly focused on top-of-funnel assistance.

How will I know the recruiter will have the appropriate background? Can I interview them before an engagement?

Jeff Smith has your back. He runs operations and ensures things go smoothly. He’ll match the right recruiter with the right project, based on your specific need. A full interview isn’t necessary, but yes you can meet them before finalizing.

What sort of commitment is there?

3-month minimum. 30-day cancellation notice. Some discounting for a 6-month initial commit. 

Are your recruiters available onsite?

Nope. We’re fully remote. Because of that, we’ve been able to hire A+ recruiters around the country. We recommend you take that approach in your hiring (if possible) too.

How much does it cost?

Happy to tell you in the first few minutes of a live chat. Not going to give away free intelligence to our competitors in a social post. ????

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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