June 21, 2021

How to get the most out of working with recruiters


A good recruiter can be an invaluable partner throughout your career. Whether you are actively seeking a change or happily employed, it is valuable to work with recruiters as they can keep you in mind for career-advancing opportunities you would miss on your own. Recruiters can offer guidance in every step of the process – from resume tips (check out Hirewell’s HR & IT resumes tips), contacting the company through interview tips and offer negotiation. A good recruiter will even be a sounding board and offer expert advice as you weigh your options.

Here are the basics to getting the most out of your recruiter:

Communicate everything – help recruiters help you!

Do your best to provide the work history details requested and send your updated resume along as soon as you are able. Explain your career aspirations and goals. Never provide false or inflated information. Recruiters will check on the details you provided and dishonesty could greatly harm your chances for the role and any future consideration from the recruiting agency. Simply put, the better your recruiter knows you, the better they can help you!

After each interview, call the recruiter for a quick debrief. Arming your recruiter with knowledge right away allows them to more effectively communicate to the potential employer on your behalf.

Keep your recruiters in the loop about other interviews and offers. If handled professionally, the additional opportunities often work in the candidate’s favor. Your recruiter will be in contact with the potential employer during the entire interview process and will use their skills and experience to communicate concerns and negotiate on your behalf.

Pay attention & trust the process

Your recruiter will almost certainly have more experience with, and information about, the company, hiring manager and position than you will. Therefore, listen very carefully and follow all of the instructions and advice given to you throughout the interview process.

Be serious, know yourself & your situation

There are many key factors to consider during the job search – pay, title, relocation, responsibilities, etc. Understand what you (and potentially, your significant other) want and are willing to accept, and then stick with it. Do your very best not to overlook or change your mind on a crucial detail.


Just as you can trust your recruiters to be professional and confidential, hiring companies trust all parties involved to respect the confidentiality of the situation and information. You might not receive answers to all of your questions right away, and you might not learn how the recruiter found you, or what the name of the hiring company is until late in the process. Be sensitive to the situation and don’t be offended. The information will come to you as you need it.

Stay in touch & help when you can

Establish communication expectations with your recruiters and discuss how and how often to check in. Stay visible but stay patient. Remember that matching jobs for all qualified candidates takes time and your recruiters are probably doing their very best.

A couple great ways to stay top of mind are passing along resume updates like new responsibilities and skills, as well as the names of qualified candidates for the positions you know they are recruiting. Recruiters are always looking to grow their network and will appreciate the help.

Finally, you will have a much more productive and enjoyable experience if your recruiters have expertise in your specific industry and role, so aim to make those matches whenever possible.

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