October 17, 2022

Job hopping is literally capitalism


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Just not the kind people like

Funny thing about job hopping: it’s literally capitalism. Just not the kind that talent evaluators like.

“But we only want people who buy into our mission and dedicate themselves to seeing it through.” Says the CEO making 265 times more than the average worker in the US. (Source.)

Real talk: I see both sides. (This whole ‘empathy’ thing is going to catch on some day.) For every company that mistreats and underpays workers, there’s another that did a pretty good job. Pay increases. Non-toxic, chill environment. Growth opportunities. And it still sucks when someone only plays a couple innings.

But the numbers don’t lie:

  • Average annual salary increase at your current job is 3.1%.
  • Average annual raise for job-switchers is 5.8%.

2.7% may not seem like a lot…when you’re already making a sh*t ton. But a couple grand is a lot to most people.

Not to mention those are averages. 29% say their compensation increased by over 30% making a switch. (Source.)

As I said, I see both sides. For every employees who had a series of jobs where they’re undervalued, there’s another who, well, kinda sucks. (Don’t try to pretend you never had a coworker who you wonder how they even get through life.)

Some companies are toxic. Some people are toxic. If only there was a way to determine which is which…

Oh wait there is!

Talk to people. Don’t make snap judgments based on their resumes. Flex that EQ and try to understand if their reasoning makes sense.

Fun fact: My colleague Jeff Smith is a self-admitted former job hopper. He turned out ok-ish. ????

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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