April 19, 2023

Recruit like it’s 2021


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#tbt to when hiring managers were all in on selling

In 2021, the hardest part of recruiting: every candidate seemed to have multiple great offers. 

The salary inflation era. What a time.

That was a middle-of-the-funnel problem. Everyone was open to looking. But they had a lot of great things to choose from.

👉Companies had to ‘sell’ against each other to get people to join.

And they did. Not all, but a lot. I don’t recall another time in my career where so many hiring managers and execs understood the challenges and put their best foot forward. Active involvement in the attraction and interview process.

In 2023? The hardest part of recruiting: getting candidates motivated enough to leave their jobs.

The layoff era. (With any luck the ‘post-layoff’ era.) Where those who remain standing are like “nah, I’m good.”

It’s a top-of-the-funnel problem. Companies can only cut so deep. The more people let go, the more essential those who remain are. Workers know it. And they’re content to wait it out.

👉Companies need to ‘sell’ against a candidate’s current employer just to get them in process.

It seems like a classic “recruiting is always hard” dichotomy. Except there’s a huge difference.

In 2021, the product (the candidate) was in front of the buyer (the hiring manager).

In 2023, they’re not.

It’s way easier for someone (the recruiter) to sell their product (the candidate) when it’s in front of the buy (the hiring manager.)

👉And that’s the fundamental disconnect right now. Execs and hiring managers see all the bad news in the market and think it should be easy. But getting people to leave their companies is actually harder.

If you’re hiring right now: congratulations! (No sarcasm.) You’re killing it. Running a profitable business. There are some skill sets (e.g. internal recruiters – sorry guys) that are in fact ‘easy’ right now.

But for most in demand skill sets? If you’re wondering where all the candidates are, pretend it’s 2021 and you’ll find them.

(Also give the people who were laid off and open to work another look.)

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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