April 24, 2023

The “yell at the server” types


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#tbt to frequent lunch meetings

When I meet someone in the business world who’s a bit ”challenging” I refer to them as a “yell at the server” type.

Because ethics and values don’t live in a vacuum. The way people treat those they don’t *have* to be polite to speaks volumes as to how they’re like with everyone else.

This was a common test back in the old days (read: 4+ years ago.) When Zoom was weird and meeting for lunch was a default meeting setting.

Lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks was far more common in interviews. To be fair the common ‘advice’ was a bit over the top. Not sure who started the idea that “putting salt and pepper on your food before trying it means you’re impulsive” but no. I’ve never seen anyone ruled out of a job because of that.

But rudeness? That’s a deal breaker. Every time.

The same concept goes for how companies treat their partners, vendors, and clients. Those who try to pull one over on people – because they can – will do the same to everyone else.

Like their employees.

Some companies view their partners as a key contributor to their success. Some view them as a system to be gamed.

Which do you want to work for?

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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