October 6, 2022

Use the office as a tool. Not an objective.


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Gotta have a real answer to ‘The Why’

“I went back to the office just to sit on Zoom calls all day.”

Sound familiar?

Rhetorical question. It’s a meme at this point. And anyone who’s gone back for a single day knows that feeling.

Despite all the dunks by the Team Remote crowd (myself included) on the Team Return crowd, the reality is: offices still have tremendous value.

It’s just that much of the Team Return crowd doesn’t know what it is. And can’t articulate it.

????The office should be used as tool to achieve objectives. Not the objective itself.

There are a lot of great companies who understand this point. They have high employee engagement and are able to hire – even ‘hard to fill’ positions – because they have intentional messaging and business processes in place.

They can articulate The ‘Why’ to job seekers and employees. Which is the #1 thing you need to answer if you want people to pick your org.

We work with one such company: McMaster-Carr.

They’re a hybrid environment. They recognize the value of both onsite and remote work.

Remote work is better for heads down execution days. Maximum productivity. Minimal distractions.

Onsite days are better for team based strategy and process troubleshooting days. With all the right people in attendance at the same time.

Ever get distracted on Zoom calls with your chats buzzing, emails coming in and other tasks hanging over your head? Kind of hard to focus, if we’re being honest with ourselves. (You’re probably on a Zoom right now as you read this. ????)

Phones off, computers shut, prepared agenda meetings to address high level problems still get it done. And give those head’s down days the right focus.

People understand that. Instead of “drive in for the sake of being there.”

When the office is the best tool, use it.

When remote is the best tool, use it.

Answer ‘The Why’ is more than just talking points. It’s intentional processes to back it up.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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