November 21, 2022

Celebrating Thanksgiving


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Shania and Molly Hansen had the chance to discuss how their families celebrate Thanksgiving. Although some of their traditions are the same, some are also very different. Overall, Thanksgiving is a great day to relax, enjoy great food and even better, company. We hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and has a moment to relax!

Episode Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Shania Johnson. I’m from the marketing practice here at Hirewell. And today we’re doing a video on Thanksgiving. It’s a part of our insights series that we’re doing, and we’re just celebrating the diversity within each holiday, talking about how different people celebrate it. And I’m here today with Molly.

Hey guys, I’m Molly Hansen. I’m a marketing recruiter as well, the same team as Shania. We wanted to come together, we both love Thanksgiving. So here we are to kind of just chat about the different things we do, how we have grown up celebrating Thanksgiving. So Shania, I’ll let you take it away.

You’re on the other side of the country in California. So how do you celebrate Thanksgiving over there? Yeah. Yeah. California, born and raised. Yeah, so our family, I feel like we have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal. We have the turkey or the ham. We have all of the fun sides. One thing that may not be traditional is that we eat our dinner around lunchtime.

So we call it Thanksgiving dinner, but we actually eat it at 1:00 PM which it works out for the couples in the family, because then the other couples go to their family for like the official dinner. But it’s pretty nice. We just have, we have all the fictions. So it’s nice and fills up your tummy for a good nap afterwards.

What’s your favorite side? Or couple favorite sides. Oh gosh. I make, I make a mean homemade cranberry sauce. So I feel like I have to say that’s one of my favorites because I make it. But I love a good green bean casserole. I- ugh, probably green bean casserole. I can eat that for like days.

Yeah, that’s one of my favorites too. My mom also does like a spinoff recipe, not like the typical green bean casserole. So I feel like that’s definitely like a treat for our Thanksgiving meal. Didn’t you also mention you make like 10 different pies? Yeah. Yeah. I’ve- me and my grandma for the dessert portion, we make about 10 to 12 pies each year.

You name it, we probably make it. That’s probably not a typical tradition, so that’s- that’s a lot of pies. Yeah. Yeah. We have lots to take home to eat for the rest of the week and we don’t have to worry about like warming them up or keeping them, whatever. It’s just there for you. What about you?

How’s your Thanksgiving? You have traditional, do you eat it at dinnertime? Yeah, yeah. We’re a dinner crew. We usually do like a cocktail hour around five and do like appetizers and charcuterie and all that good stuff. That’s fun. A little pre-meal action. Yeah, pre meal, which like we all are like barely eating because we don’t want to fill up.

And then I actually celebrate with some of my family friends. So a little bit different than doing it with like extended family. We actually go up to Michigan to where my lake house is and celebrate it with some good friends up there, just like my immediate family. So a little bit different in the sense

that I don’t, you know, I feel like everyone’s like, “Oh, let’s go to grandma’s house or cousins and all that” But Thanksgiving’s usually just kind of like a family friend little dinner party. So we do the usual though like turkey, sides. We do do pies, but probably only like three.

Pumpkin’s my all time favorite though, and honestly, I’m usually I’m eating it for like breakfast the next day because I’m so full after dinner. Yeah. I mean, it’s a vegetable right? I guess? Right, right. I count it for sure. The one like fun thing that we used to do would be like, we used to do QN touch football game when I was younger. But as we got older and the parents got older, they’re kinda like, “Ah, too old for that.”

But that was really fun. We’d get a bunch of people together to play like a quick little football game, which I know can be kind of traditional for some people too. So yeah. I’m excited. It’s my favorite holiday. Is it your favorite holiday or is your just your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas, but 4th of July is actually my favorite holiday. Yeah. I just like how easy 4th of July is, but the food on Thanksgiving, I don’t think it can be beat, so. Yeah, we are always eating leftover for days. Also, another tradition- sorry, now I’m thinking of all these things. My mom actually,

so we cook two turkeys and one Turkey specifically for Turkey noodle soup that my mom makes the next day. So instead of like a chicken noodle, it’s like a Turkey noodle and it’s very good. Yeah. She rocks it. So shout out mom for that one. Yeah, that sounds amazing. One thing that we like do in between our dinner and our dessert time because obviously you just like fill up so much, but then we have these 10 to 12 pies that you at least need two slices of.

So all of the girls in the family go on a nice walk between. It’s like a post meal, pre dessert walk to get us ready for the dessert round before our nap. You can let the guys do the cleanup, right? Yeah. They can clean the dishes. Yes. Yeah. Do you guys ever go around and say what you’re thankful for and do like a little sweet, thankful for Thanksgiving moment?

Yeah, I’m usually the one to forge that upon the crew. Same. I’m the cheesy one of the group, so. Even if we’re not planning on do it, I always make us do it at least at the end. And usually gets a little emotional. It’s always just nice to kind of wrap up the year and talk about what we’re thankful for.

I’m a big proponent of that. Yeah me too. You said you guys do that too ? Yeah. It’s nice to see like the guys in the group that are like closed off to the feelings, like kind of open up a little bit. It’s like, if I get this at least one time a year is worth it. For sure. But yeah, I mean that’s kind of the gist of our Thanksgiving.

And then I always look forward to Black Friday so I can get some online shopping done and try to knock off the Christmas gifts. That comes up so quickly. Yes. Gotta score on all the deals.

Well, thanks guys for listening to Shania and I chat about our Thanksgivings. I hope you all enjoyed it. Would love to see in the comments how anyone else celebrates Thanksgiving. But yeah, we’re looking forward to the next one and thanks for watching! Yeah, have a great Thanksgiving guys.


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