Having a cool product makes sales a lot easier. How does shooting drones out of the sky with RF signals sound?

That’s exactly what DroneShield does. And their CEO, Oleg Vornik, was gracious enough to come on the Talent Insights podcast to talk about a niche many people aren’t familiar with: government sales. Specifically in the defense sector.

Oleg and James discussed a variety of areas, including:

  • Traits a good salesperson needs in government sales. And how the sales cycles differs from the private sector.
  • The types of “fit” sales leaders should look for (spoiler: not “culture fit”)
  • How to hire for roles you yourself may not have direct experience in.
  • The downsides of employee referrals and what to watch out for.
  • Interview blunders sales job seekers should avoid.
  • How to best pivot into the defense sector when you don’t have experience.

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