October 18, 2022

Recruiting 101: Pumpkin Spice & Everything Kierra


Episode Highlights

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Come join this week’s episode as Camille asks Kierra about a day in the life of a Recruiter. Kierra provides insight into her daily routine as a Recruiter, her must-haves, and how she manages working remotely.

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody. Welcome back to Recruiting 101 with Camille and Kierra. Recruiting 101 is dedicated to helping candidates understand the process from a recruiter’s perspective. In this segment, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks as we experience them. So we have a fun little episode this week and next week our topics will be getting to know Kierra this week and myself next week.

So we’re really excited. We came up with some fun questions about work and personal life. So I’ll start off with a little rapid fire asking Kierra those questions. You ready? I am ready. All right. So what’s your routine before work and after work? Okay, so my before work routine is I get up early and then I usually go to the gym or to Pilates.

After that I come back and I have my breakfast with tea. So I make tea every morning and my breakfast is always different every day. So I don’t have like a specific thing that I eat. And then I wash my face and put on some vitamin C because I’m just like obsessed with it recently. Love that. And then moisturizer, and then I’m ready to sit down for the day.

So yeah, that’s my before work routine. And then after work, as soon as I log off, I like to take a walk outside just because being remote, you’re stuck inside all day. So definitely getting some fresh air is really helpful and I don’t want to look at a screen anymore by the time work is done. So that is my after work routine.

I love that because I’m also a skincare junkie, so I love that and I love walking after work as well. Those are my two favorite things for the day that like I need to do. So I love that. Yes, yes. It’s definitely a necessity for me. What’s the first thing that you do when you log off? Ooh. The first thing I do, definitely put my computer and my phone away.

I don’t want to be on my phone after I’m done with work. I just like need to decompress. So that’s the first thing I do. And then, yeah, I just get ready for my walk. So I’ll either go for a walk outside or I’ll walk in the treadmill at the gym. Either or. Yeah, that’s a good tip. I put my laptop away in my backpack, like I put my phone away or I set it on do not disturb.

Yeah. So I can just listen to some music while I walk, which is really nice. Yeah. Otherwise I’ll be tempted to like send another email or look at something and like, I just need that break at the end of the day. So I think it’s helpful. Definitely. What is your favorite lunch to have on a busy day? So I’m really big into meal prepping.

Usually I switch it up every week as to what I’m eating. Like this week I’m doing a soup, so it’s really easy to heat up. But I’ll do like salads and then just cut everything up ahead of time so I can just throw it all together. It just makes everything go a little bit quicker. And then I like quinoa bowls, rice bowls, anything that is like easy and that I can prep ahead of time is something that I like to do on a busy day.

Yeah, that sounds amazing and so easy for working from home and a busy workday so you can spend that lunch break time actually relaxing and not kind of cooking and wandering around the kitchen. Yeah. Yeah, it’s nice. So definitely recommend that. Mm-hmm. What items do you have on your desk or your workspace at home?

So I always have my AirPods with me for calls. So I have those and I have a charger, so they’re always ready to go. I also have hand sanitizer just because I like to put it on every once in a while. I have a candle. This one is Honey Crisp Apple from Trader Joe’s. I’ve seen that at Trader Joe’s.

Does it smell good? Yeah. Yeah. It smells just like an apple. So big fan of that scent. And then I have just like different notebooks and writing utensils that I use for notes that I need to be writing throughout the day or just like reminders. I also have sticky notes everywhere. I find those to be helpful, but also scattered around.

And then I also have a speaker on my desk as well. Okay, cool. I love that. I have a lot of similar things as well. And do you usually stay at your desk all day? Do you move around? I know sometimes you go to coffee shops. Yeah, so I always start my morning at my desk just because my monitors are here and anytime I have a call I have to be at my desk just so I can see multiple things at a time.

So definitely in the mornings and when I’m on calls. But as far as like sourcing goes, if I’m sourcing, I will be like downstairs in a comfy part of the house. And then I like to have reality TV just going on in the background while I source.

It’s just like nice to change the scenery up and yeah, sometimes I go to coffee shops if I just want to be around people. That’s only if I’m not in calls though as well. So I kind of have to plan around that. Yeah. It’s nice to change it up and move around or go to a space where there’s people around since when we’re just sourcing, it does get a little lonely throughout the day.

Right. So it’s nice to have some coffee chats or just people around. Yeah. Yeah. No, I agree. It’s nice to be around people when you’re not around them all day and like if you don’t have a lot of calls that day, it can get kind of lonely, so. For sure. Definitely. And you mentioned your speaker, do you listen to music sometimes when you work?

And if so, like what kind of playlist do you listen to? Like what genre? So I actually don’t listen to music when I work, like ever. I honestly don’t know why. I probably should. I think I just like get so in the mode that I like don’t think about it. But I do love a podcast called Giggly Squad, so every time I’m like walking and or working out I listen to that podcast.

I think a lot of people probably think that’s weird that I listen to podcast to my workout, but I just really love that podcast and there’s a few others that I like as well. But yeah, so if I’m going to listen to anything, it’s a podcast. Music I don’t really listen to throughout the day. Awesome.

Well that’s good. And lastly, what would be your one piece of advice for anyone who’s having a hard week? Is there anything that works for you or any advice anyone has ever given you that was really helpful getting through a hard day or a hard week at work? Yeah, I think it’s like constantly reminding yourself that there’s someone that always has a worse situation than you do.

I think that’s good to put into perspective a lot because sometimes we don’t think about that. I also think a good piece of advice is that when you’re stressed, like stressing about something isn’t going to change the situation. So it’s better to just think about what are the outcomes that are possible that are going to happen from that stressful situation.

So those are my two pieces of advice that I would give to somebody. Yeah, those are really helpful and I think just really putting it into perspective is really helpful. And obviously the work week is only five days and just kind of decompressing from that on the weekend after work and getting up early just so you’re not jumping on right in the morning, I think is really helpful. If you’re overwhelmed or feeling stressed throughout the week, I think those are some things that are helpful.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So thank you so much for joining us today. Remember to check out all of our content on talentinsights.hirewell.com and follow us on LinkedIn for more content and have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you.

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