In this week’s episode, Dan and Louie dive head first into the NFL Training Camps being open and the MLB Trade Deadline concluding.  The Cubs were buyers at the deadline bringing in some much-needed bullpen help and an everyday 3rd Baseman while the Bucs were sellers and shipped a few pieces away for some prospects. We then talk about some of the highlights we are seeing from the Steelers and Bears in the early days of training camp. 

We segue this into recruiting by discussing the importance of a well-planned training program and the effect it can have on recruiting.  A candidate who feels on day one they are going to be in a program that sets them up for success long term will win many more candidates over compared to the companies that have a very loose idea of how to bring folks up to speed. A training program should cover all aspects of the role, the technology being used, internal processes, and how all the pieces fit within the organization. We highlight some of the training programs we see with our clients and how they breed long-term employees who stay for 10+ years with that company.