In this episode, Dan and Louie begin by discussing the NHL and NBA Finals getting ready to kick off in the next couple days. They then dive into the Caitlin Clark era of the WNBA and how she is lifting the entire league into a whole new level of marketability and how she is getting the “Jordan Treatment” when facing other teams.  The guys then discuss the MLB baseball season and how teams hesitate to make moves to either bolster their line ups, or trade away assets depending on their playoff aspirations.  Dan and Louie segue the hesitation to make moves in the MLB, to the hesitation they are seeing in the recruiting world and how companies are hesitant to make hires. They discuss the “why” behind the reluctance as they see it and discuss the risk involved with hiring and how to best assess the “need” of the hire to begin with. To wrap things up with the two minute drill, Dan and Louie give their NBA and NHL finals predictions  Tune in!