In this episode, Dan and Louie start by discussing the start of the MLB Season, the upcoming NFL Draft, and the start of the NHL and NBA Playoffs. They bring up how the players set to be drafted have trained and set goals for this day to become a reality and how the teams entering the playoffs have one goal in mind and go back to training for the upcoming matchups.  The guys segue into recruiting by highlighting Hirewell’s continuous effort to train and further educate its recruiters.  Both Dan and Louie enjoy how Hirewell trains on best recruiting practices, business development tactics, and even how to conduct business in today’s ever-changing climate.  As always, they segue that to talk about how candidates and companies can promote skill and personal growth and why it is so important.  Tune into the episode and stay to see what the guys think is going to shake out in the NFL Draft next week in the Two-Minute Drill.