In this week’s episode Dan and Louie wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and start the show discussing the usual, the woes of the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. Both are in two different situations, both leaving fans with little hope. The Bears blew a 12-point lead with 4 minutes to play to a division foe, the Detroit Lions, and the Steelers, although having a winning record, lost to a division rival, the Cleveland Browns, who started a backup Quarterback. Dan and Louie segue this into recruiting by talking about the stable pieces of their teams and how you should build your corporate team around stable pieces.  If you have high performers, they are pivotal to the short and long-term success of your team, because they are dependable.  In addition to setting your team up for short and long-term success, the guys discuss not “punting” your recruiting efforts to 2024, and staying on track with your hiring efforts.  They tie together because they are important for the short-term success of the organization. They end the show talking about what they are thankful for, which of course is Hirewell!