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I love turning down business

Wait, what? Real talk: I love turning down business. And you should, too. Bad business, specifically. That might seem obvious. But you look around your company. (If you’re at a good one, think back a job or two). It’s not obvious at all. Certainly...

Stop Treating Recruiters As Disposable Items

Hiring doesn't go up forever. Things got a little heated on the last 10 Minute Talent Rant. Jeff Smith (unintentionally) broke the all time F bomb record. What pushed the Iceman to the brink? 👉The hypocrisy of how internal recruiters are treated. By the same high...

Inflation + market fear meets pay equity

A few quick, asymmetric observations Inflation + market fear is driving weird decisions around pay equity right now. 4 things I’ve seen in the last month. Some good. Some not: A below market offer, because the person’s manager is underpaid.One org straight up not...


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