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Choose door #3

There's 2 traditional solutions and they're both garbage Want to see how much of a failure traditional recruitment “solutions” are? Just look at your typical small-becoming-a-mid-sized business. The ones that crushed it with referral hiring. Then hit the point where...

Is ‘headhunting’ a bad word?

Good old fashioned sematic discussion Is ‘headhunting’ a bad word? It’s the only accurate word, in my opinion. “Talent sourcing” doesn’t quite capture it. But I’ve had people use it then immediately comment “sorry, didn’t mean to offend...

What does ‘good’ look like in recruiting?

An un-rant It’s easy to complain about hiring or recruiting “being broken.” But what does good really look like? More specifically, in my realm of external recruiting, what should you expect in the ‘modern’ age? The core hang up with recruiting firms: it’s an industry...

It’s over. The bots have won.

The LinkedIn/generative AI integration has begun It’s over. The bots have won. LinkedIn is integrating ChatGPT, or at least some version of generative AI. 👉Gizmodo article here. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love technology. I hate when it’s...

Contingent recruiting & gambling idioms

It struck me a couple paragraphs in tbh We only take on committed work. It ensures we have the time needed to deliver on projects. Efficient allocation of resources, as the kids call it. (The kids going to school for economics, anyway.) You know, what literally every...


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