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Celebrating Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Shania and Molly Hansen had the chance to discuss how their families celebrate Thanksgiving. Although some of their traditions are the same, some are also very different. Overall, Thanksgiving is a great day to relax, enjoy great food and even better, company. We hope...

Your window for tech hiring is now.

Don't make me say I told you so. You had 6-8 weeks to “take advantage” of the soft hiring market for software engineers in 2020.  By mid-May, tech hiring picked back up. Poof, it was gone. We may be in that same pocket right now....

Apparently job ads determine interest rates

Jerome Powell was never a recruiter Last week, a New York Time article that made me throw up all over myself. Turns out the Fed is using job ads as a basis for interest rate hikes. My God… 👉Any recruiter can tell you job postings are a bullsh*t metric for gauging...

Finally, an answer for this hiring market

People really do ask me this... I joke that “people always ask me” is code for stuff no one ever asks you. It’s great clickbait copy. So today I had a FML moment: I really do have something people always ask me. For the last 6...


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