August 25, 2022

Don’t lay off your internal recruiters. Get strategic. 


Make these 20 projects their focus instead.

➤ Convert those awful job descriptions to job postings to attract talent. Not bore them.

➤ Create Employer Brand collateral – video interviews of leadership and employees

➤ Conduct in depth exit interviews to improve employee retention

➤ Interview and coach your employees to help them grow their career internally

➤ Develop career pathway program so employees easily understand promotion options

➤ Create automations in the ATS to speed up the process during future hiring peaks

➤ Provide training to hiring teams on how to effectively interview

➤ Develop standard hiring processes and assessment methods for “regular” hiring needs

➤ Construct a Succession Plan and process

➤ Create Employer Brand collateral – “Day in the Life” blogs of key teams (sales, customer service, engineering) 

➤ Analyze how to handle internal pay equity, especially in relation to external hiring.

➤ Create a program to move pay increases from a COLA to a performance-based system

➤ Gather feedback from all applicants in the last year. Analyze data. Improve hiring experience.

➤ Develop meaningful DEI programs to diversify future applicant pools

➤ Plan early career pipeline and/or internship programs for future use

➤ Identify new associations, universities, meetups, and tools for sourcing 

➤ Develop and populate LinkedIn Recruiter projects for recurring hiring needs

➤ Improve process for preboarding (between offer and start date) to decrease fall offs

➤ Improve onboarding and first week experience

➤ Promote hiring team engagement during preboarding. Establish check lists and automations.

➤ Create or refresh your career page content

In case you’re wondering where these ideas came from, I did them during the Covid crisis.

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