August 25, 2022

Strategic projects for TA teams instead of layoffs – 11 more ideas!


11 MORE ideas from Megan Thornton, Chief People Office at SwagUp

➤ Create video job descriptions. Candidates like them. Post to Career page. Allow candidates to envision a potential future with your organization that is real and touchable.

➤ Design internal apprenticeship and job shadowing programs for current employees. Let them learn and try other roles within the organization.

➤ Interview boomerang employees who left and then came back. Understand why the grass actually wasn’t greener on the other side! Regularly convey the reasons to reduce future resignations.

➤ Create structured interview guides. Develop interview scorecards. Ensure interviews are approached in a fair and balanced way.

➤ Identify culture ambassadors solely responsible to assess for culture fit/enhancement. If a potential employee doesn’t fit/enhance the culture, it doesn’t matter how skilled a candidate is!

➤ Create and facilitate interview training for all hiring teams. Empower them to rep your brand well AND avoid inadvertently asking questions they shouldn’t be!

➤ Design an employee referral program to identify great candidates. Turn your existing employees into Employer Brand and Sourcing specialists.

➤ Annually build total compensation snapshots for current employees. Highlight TOTAL comp including benefits, equity, 401k matching. Comp is so much more than only a salary!

➤ Interview employees who have left within the last year to better understand what attracted them to their new employer.

➤ Create and implement key metrics: KPIs and SLAs that help you to track progress over time and create transparency. Report on this to the Executive Leadership Team and overall organization on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis.

➤ Conduct a compensation analysis. Ensure you’re paying competitively.

➤ Build a compensation philosophy. Ensure leadership is aligned. Actively decide how competitive your company wants to be compared to other companies. Train members of the hiring and Talent Acquisition team on how to articulate the philosophy to potential employees.

Does your company use video job descriptions or employer branding videos? Mention them in the comments below so the community can see examples. 

Hopefully, you’ll receive some applicants also!

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