August 25, 2022

Don’t lay off your internal recruiters. ???????????? ????????????????????????????????????. Part 2!! Crowdsourcing and collaboration is amazing.


17 ???????????????? projects for Talent Acquisition professionals.

➤ Forecast hiring needs for the upcoming year/quarters Tom Lynch

➤ Design internal apprenticeship and job shadowing programs for current employees. Let them try other roles in the org. Megan Thornton

➤ Build a campus ambassador program (great employer branding and engagement of former interns) Aspen Plummer

➤ Consult your DEI programs/ERGs to identify additional diverse talent pipelines David Clark, MSc

➤ Create a plan to measure the results of these initiatives. Continuous improvement & ROI are key to making the long-term business case. Rasha Saad, CIR, PRC

➤ Palo Alto sends their TA team to work within the business. Great way to increase skills and knowledge of the business so they are stronger when they return. Gail Houston

➤ Create (or update) SOP for the TA team to support best practices and TA team professional development. Tessana Nemenski

➤ Research alternative ATS systems/HRTech that could expedite process flow. Also, Tessana Nemenski

➤ Create ‘new hire feedback surveys’ at the 30, 60, and 90 day marks. Use data to improve candidate experience. Also, David Clark.   
➤ Consider a CSM (Customer Success Manager role). They have many transferable skills (eg. project management, negotiations, detail-oriented, valued-based selling). Michi Hu Pezeshki

➤ Design an employee referral program to identify great candidates from your existing employees. Also, Megan Thorton.

➤ Evaluate your employee referral program through a DEIB lens. me

➤ Create videos for interview prep of future candidates. Alex Campo

➤ Cross-train TA team. Help them learn new domain specialties (tech recruiters learns finance recruiting). Marissa P.

➤ Create an internal role rotation program for HRBP/People Ops/TA/Comp/L&D. Catherine H.

➤ Conduct team building classes and activities throughout the organization to increase collaboration. Karam S.

➤ Build a compensation philosophy. Ensure alignment between business unit leaders, HR, c-suite, the most recent comp data, and what your organization can afford. Also, Megan Thornton

Ideas are lightly edited for clarity. Any mistakes are unintentional. 

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