July 28, 2022

Four Easy Tips To Prepare For Your Interview


Camille Knapik Balch, recruiter on the Hirewell Managed and OnDemand Recruiting team shares some of the interviewing tips that have really helped her in the past.

 ???????? Setting an alarm 30 minutes before the interview so you have time to get your head together, take some deep breaths, and be prepared mentally

 ???????? Having notes next to me of who I am talking to, company facts, recent news/article about the company, job description, and my resume

 ???????? Take your time speaking- there is no need to rush through your answers. It is okay to ask for a minute to gather your thoughts before answering a question

 ???????? Celebrate your interview (no matter the outcome) plan something special after the interview to congratulate yourself for going through the process and doing your best

You can also check out this great article for more tips!


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