June 22, 2021

How to Attack your Job Search like a Salesperson


So where do you want to work, anyway? That’s the million-dollar question.

We believe in treating a job search like a sales funnel. You need to start with dozens (and maybe 100+) of opportunities at the top to reach a handful of offers at the end.

One of the biggest challenges in a job search is not knowing what opportunities are even available. Most people default to checking out the job boards. The problem with this strategy is two-fold: every job you see could have hundreds of other great applicants, and some of the best companies never even post their jobs!

We advise people to make your own path in your job search: start with identifying companies doing things you’re passionate about. Do a lot of research and force yourself to identify 50+ companies and track them on a spreadsheet creating a list of companies you want to target (Target Company List). Figure out who you know at these companies and what they are hiring for. Anyone that has done sales knows that you need to track every step with every contact. Nothing can slip through the cracks. This can seem like a daunting process but the good news is we’ve already outlined the process job seekers should follow so that potential job opportunities aren’t missed.

What is a Target Companies List?

A target company list is a working document that will help keep track of organizations and opportunities that you’ve identified as being a potential fit for your next employer. Once complete, the list will comprise of companies that make practical sense and others that are more unconventional and exciting to you as an individual. These could be places that have piqued your interest because they align with your skillset, are known for having an excellent culture, or because their mission is something you believe in. Whatever the reason, these are places that are worth exploring.

Why should I create a Target Companies List? 

Simply put, job searching is overwhelming. It’s time-consuming and if you aren’t using your time wisely you’re wasting it. It might seem like a good idea to apply to 100+ jobs but it isn’t if you’re applying to jobs that don’t match your skill sets, goals, or interests. You should be dedicating your time to applying for jobs at companies you believe are a good fit for you. Streamlining the job search process to target companies you’re interested in by narrowing down your search allows you to better track open opportunities, strategically use your network to gain referrals, and ultimately get your resume in front of the right people.

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