May 2, 2023

There’s not enough tech savvy recruiters


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*tech savvy anybody

If recruitment technology was better, would we even be able to use it?

Sales and marketing gets all the tech toys. They drive revenue. They get more dollars to spend. They get more companies creating new software to grab those dollars. It’s the way of the world.

But they get something else: dedicated people who know how to operate it. Sales ops, marketing ops, RevOps, whatever you want to call it.

Show me an org with a kick ass CRM and tech stack that actually works as advertised. I’ll show you the person (or *gasp* team) they have running it. As their full time job.

Business tech is complicated. In any function. Maybe that’s the long term play for the next gen SaaS company: make it *actually* easy for anyone to not just use. But customize and admin.

Back to recruiting. Even if they do get the tools they want created for them. And the spend they need to buy them. They still need to spend even more for the people they need to run it all. Who actually have an techno-functional engineering mindset.

Because there’s not enough tech savvy recruiters to run this stuff without dedicated support.

(There’s not enough tech savvy <any end user> to run enterprise software without support. Except devs. Probably.)

Recruiting done right – at scale, in a uniform manner across all recruiters in an organization – depends on using tools to enable it.

Without someone dedicated to integrating, customizing, training and administering it…it’s just another lightly used widget sitting on the shelf.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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