May 18, 2021

Building Your Dream Team: Employment Branding & Marketing Edition


Episode Highlights

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In this episode, we turn the tables. James Hornick, a partner at Hirewell who currently leads our Business Development and Marketing Practice, talks with our usual host Matt Massucci, Hirewell’s founder and CEO. We’re extending our focus on building your dream team by taking a closer look specifically at how marketing efforts can increase candidate pipelines.

Why? Because we’ve been doing this work for a long-time and marketing has increasingly become a critical part of the talent acquisition process. As recruiters, we now have to worry about employment branding. We’re talking about recruiting on all levels. We’re also talking about getting creative because not focusing on brand is no longer an option. It all starts with fixing your company if you have issues. Then finding a way to communicate your story with job seekers and the public. After that, it’s ensuring that your employees can articulate your story as well. Some companies don’t feel like they need to do any of this, and that’s admirable—but it’s also untenable.

Ten years ago, if you had a good website, you were set. But your number one job now is to craft a narrative that you’re a good company for which to work. We also talk about the impact of LinkedIn, the importance of building a personal brand and how that personal brand can greatly elevate your career.  This is a great conversation, and I’m excited to share it with you.  

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Episode Transcript

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