January 27, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hirewell’s On-Demand Recruiting


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What exactly is OnDemand Recruiting?

A full time member of Hirewell’s team is 100% dedicated to you. 40 hours a week. Not just sourcing and vetting, but managing all internal processes (e.g. setting up/managing ATS, job postings and inbound, interview set up, etc.)

They look and feel like a member of your team, internally and externally. You manage them as you would anyone else.

It’s ideal when you need more recruiting bandwidth, quickly. 

How is it different from contract recruiting?

OnDemand recruiters are full time employees of Hirewell. They’re vetted, proven performers with demonstrated success at our clients. Availability depends on existing client commitments, but is predictable and reliable. We work with you to define the metrics, arm them with our tools to increase their efficiency, and stay involved to make sure the job gets done.

How do you charge?

Flat rate per month. No variable cost or per hire fees whatsoever.

What skill sets are you able to assist with?

Two profiles:

1. Tech recruiters. Software development, data, architecture, product, devops, cloud, etc.

2. Generalist recruiters. Sales, marketing, operations, F&A, HR, Manufacturing,  etc.

What sorts of backgrounds do your recruiters have?

Most have a mix of internal and agency experience. They manage internal company processes. And they aggressively target the passive candidate market the way external recruiters do.

What if I just need help with sourcing? Can Hirewell assist with that?

Yes! We have added team members strictly focused on top of funnel assistance.

How will I know the recruiter will have the appropriate background? Can I interview them before an engagement?

Jeff Smith has your back. He runs operations and ensures things go smoothly. He’ll match the right recruiter with the right project, based on your specific need. A full interview isn’t necessary, but yes you can meet them before finalizing.

What sort of commitment is there?

3 month minimum. 30 day cancellation notice. Some discounting for a 6 month initial commit. 

Are your recruiters available onsite?

Nope. We’re full remote. Because of that we’ve been able to hire A+ recruiters around the country. We recommend you take that approach in your hiring (if possible) too.

How many open requirements can a recruiter handle at one time? How many can a sourcer handle?

Depends heavily on the type of engagement, level, skill set, if the positions are unique or multiple of the same. Rule of thumb is 12-14 which is reasonable for an internal recruiter in most areas.

How much does it cost?

To learn more about the pricing of our On-Demand services, you can connect with either James or Jeff to chat more.

Episode Transcript

And now Jeff and James present, not “The 10 minute Talent Rant” but Frequently Asked Questions about Hirewell’s On-Demand Recruiting.

So James, last time we tried this, I could not articulate what my own practice was. So I’m going to give you the keys to the car on this.

???? So tell the people what is On-Demand recruiting at Hirewell. Alright. On-Demand recruiting led by the one and only Jeff Smith- on the left or right of your screen, depending on how this renders. Jeff is a former head of internal talent acquisition.

He also came up through the agency ranks and his team very much looks the same way. People who have kind of that mixed background. Now what they do is 100% dedicated support to you. 40 hours a week, you manage them the same way you’d manage anyone else on your team. They’re going to look and feel like a member of your team, both internally and externally to potential candidates.

These are people who would do not just sourcing and vetting, but they would work on the hiring plans with the hiring manager, they’d set up interviews, that set up and manage the ATS. They really do anything you need that’s typically associated with internal recruiting and it’s done at a flat rate. So it’s not the ‘cost per hire model’ that many companies are familiar with when they deal with external recruiting firms. Flat monthly rate.

Yeah, no way better than I could do. Thank you.

???? So how was it different than contract recruiting? All right, so the big difference between this and contract is these people, these are already members of the Hirewell team. So we are very good at recruiting recruiters ourselves. These are people who have a strong track record of success,

we’ve thoroughly vetted, we’ve actually onboarded them to be permanent hires. We know exactly when they will be available and not available for certain projects. So we’re able to more accurately predict when we’re going to have kind of resources to actually be able to start on time and know that they’ll be able to deliver at a high level.

Will also be able to kind of arm them with all the tools and experience that we have. So they’re going to have Jeff scoping out projects and making sure we’re kind of on track and have everything kind of done realistically. We’re managing this much more as like a professional services organization, as opposed to just finding a contract recruiter and placing them on a project. Again, way better than I can do.

All right. Let me throw some your way. Awesome.

???? How do we charge? Flat rates. No variable cost, no frills. You can go to your executive team and say, this is exactly what this is going to cost and there’s not going to be any surprises on the backend.

???? What skill sets of recruiters do we have and what sorts of positions can we most likely deliver on? Yeah, so we were really thoughtful about this and again, with the effort of making this as easy as possible, it really came down to technology subject matter experts in recruiting and generalist subject matter experts. Not to say that there can’t be blurred lines, but generally speaking, we have technology folks that do software engineering, cloud architecture, systems, infrastructure, all the way down that line.

And then you have everything else: finance and accounting, operations, supply, human resources. Depending on your scope, we will decide together who’s the best resource for the job.

???? What sorts of backgrounds do the recruiters on your team typically have? Generally speaking, when I’m recruiting for folks on the team it’s- I like the blend. I like somebody who’s been in the boiler room seat of agencies so that they understand speed and efficiency. But I also think the business acumen that comes from actually having sat in a corporate seat is really, really important. And frankly, it’s what most clients want to see. The ability to ramp up isn’t just about filling pipelines. It’s about having the tactfulness to talk through things with hiring managers in a way that gets you from point A to point B.

???? What if a company just needs help with sourcing? Can you help with that? We sure can. We have a different structure, same delivery model, more or less, but more top of funnel focused versus full life cycle recruiting.

???? We’re back to you, James. You’re back at hot seat. If I’m the company, how am I going to know that the recruiter that you are pitching to me has the appropriate background? And secondly, can I interview them before the engagement? Jeff has your back. Literally Jeff’s job on this one. We always take, before we start any engagement, we get the full scope of everything you’re looking to hire for and making sure we can actually match that up with someone who has the appropriate background to fill it.

If we don’t, we don’t want to take on the project. Second question, yes. A full interview isn’t necessary. These are people who are fully vetted, but we absolutely let you meet and greet. That way you know who is the teammate that’s going to be working on the project. Awesome.

???? So James, from a timing perspective, contractually, what sort of commitment are we looking at? Three month minimum commitment, 30 day cancellation past that, we do potentially offer some discounting if you commit to six months or more. Awesome, easy.

???? So James, the question of our time: are our recruiters available to go onsite to your office, the customer? Absolutely not. Hirewell is a 100% remote company. Because of that we’ve been able to hire A+ recruiters all around the country that are more than capable of delivering no matter where they are. Honestly, I recommend that all of our clients also go 100% remote. It’ll just make hiring a lot easier. Free advice.

???? Alright, Jeff, how many open requirements can a recruiter handle at any given time? That’s a good question. It depends on the engagement, so there’s my out. But generally speaking, 12 to 14 seems like the right rule of thumb, right? I think anything more than that becomes a little bit of a paper pushing exercise. So again, we’re going to consult with you about what your needs are and make sure that we can deliver on it versus tying into a specific req load. All right. Anything else?

???? James the magic question. This is what the people want to know.

How much does it cost? Oh, always right? Comes up every time. I’d be more than happy to answer that question on the first 30 seconds of a call. What I’m not going to do is give our competitors free intelligence from a LinkedIn video post. But hit me up! Jeff and I would be happy to talk with you, more details about it.

We’ll get your pricing out right away and I’ll be happy to work with ya.

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