July 18, 2022

What Is An OnDemand Recruiter?


Episode Highlights

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Daniel Spittel and Camille Knapik Balch sit down to discuss what it means to be an OnDemand recruiter at Hirewell. They discuss the differences between an on-demand recruiter vs agency recruiter and summarize their experience as they wrap up their first on-demand client.

Episode Transcript

Hey Dan, how are you? Thanks for joining me. Good Camille, how are you? Good. So Dan and I are both on the OnDemand team here at Hirewell and we just wanted to share a little bit more about our experience, what the OnDemand group is and how it’s different from agency recruiting. So if you could share a little bit about your past experience, I know we’re both new to Hirewell.

I started in January and I think you started just a few weeks after me, right? Yep. I started at the end of February and I actually jumped on my first contract in early March and that’ll be wrapping up today, actually. Awesome. Congratulations. Thank you. I was working with a tech company. Their main initiative was to bring on a new wave of tech, mainly based jobs as they continue to grow as an organization post COVID.

And so they brought Hirewell in so we could help them oversee and guide them through that hiring portion. Awesome. Very cool. And my first client- I had started I think two weeks with them, two weeks after I started with Hirewell and they were in the streaming space, so it was really cool to work on some digital roles and content.

So I thought that was really fun, more creative roles than just your regular like HR or marketing sales types of roles. So I had a lot of fun doing that. But I think the coolest thing about OnDemand is that you have your group at Hirewell and then you have your group at your client as well. And we actually have two different managers, which is really cool.

Is there anything that you can think of that was different than being like an agency recruiter and OnDemand recruiter? Sure. So I think the biggest difference is the access that we have to their internal systems. It kind of feels like you’re an internal employee for the company that you’re working with because you have a company email, you have a calendar, you have access to their ATS system.

You really do feel like a member of the team while you’re working with Hirewell. So on a weekly basis you’re working with your manager, you’re working with your manager for the company, any hiring managers internally, as well as their recruitment teams. And so it’s juggling two sets of calendars, two sets of emails and two sets of meeting.

Mm-hmm yeah, that sure is fun. And I know we both come from corporate backgrounds and I would say being an OnDemand recruiter is very, almost like 98% similar to being a corporate recruiter. That only 2% difference is that you have the Hirewell like committees to be a part of and just the support from your hire well team as well, rather than just one company.

For sure. It definitely allows us to kind of be the agency consultant but also be a member of their team as well, which is a really neat opportunity that not a lot of companies can offer people. Definitely. And I think there’s a lot of levels of support that OnDemand recruiters can offer. We can offer support with sourcing, recruiting, full life cycle recruiting, some types of strategy for recruiting plans.

So I think that’s really cool too. There’s like a few different levels of support depending on what your company is looking for. So Hirewell has a lot to offer for their OnDemand group. And then we have a managed group as well. And they help companies well, our clients externally. So they do the same things that we do. I think I had around like 10 to 12 positions at a time that I was working on at my client. What about you? About 15. Okay. Yeah. So somewhere around there as well.

Just really similar because I didn’t think I wanted to go into agency recruiting, but it is agency recruiting, just very similar to corporate, which is really cool. Definitely get the best of both worlds here because you can work on OnDemand projects and also handle one off managed opportunities. And I think the cool part about our teams combined is that when a client comes in with a potential need, we can tailor it to whatever they’re looking for.

You know, there’s a lot of flexibility and variety and we’ll do our best to fit what your needs and we’ll find the right person to do so. If they’re really just looking for a sourcer, we have it. If they’re looking for someone who can hire 20 people in the next year, we can do it. If they’re having major changes in their company, they’re looking to update their procedures, their policies, maybe they’re hiring a recruitment team for the first time and they need support guidance through it.

We can do that too. Yeah. And I think it’s incredible because I’ve been on my client – well I’ll be on the client for six months. So I know some people go for three or four months, six months. But then each time you have a different opportunity, new people to work with, new things to learn and to grow. So I feel like I’ve grown so much just from these six months.

I can’t believe what it’s going to look like in two years from now. So I think that’s awesome too, that you get a new opportunity and you just to keep growing every single client that you’re with, I think is really awesome. And I haven’t seen any other opportunity like that. So I really like that aspect of OnDemand. That and the companies we get to work with are some really cool opportunities.

I mean, just being able to talk about the company that I’m working on, I know the one you’re working on, they’re just such cool and fun opportunities. People say, “Oh, there are jobs for that.” Like yeah, I get to hire them. Mm-hmm . Yeah. And I think it’s really cool we get to work with a lot of different industries, too.

It’s not just like tech companies. It’s not just like HR companies or other agencies. There’s a lot of different industries out there. We even work with some nonprofits. We work with some global ones. So there’s a lot of different companies out there that we can work with in all the time zones, which is really cool.

Mainly for my client right now, we’re hiring in like California, in New York, and some other people on the East Coast as well. So I think it’s really cool just to kind of work throughout all the different states and all the time zones. And you get to network at each client that you’re at. So you get to meet a lot more people rather than if you were just at one company as a corporate recruiter.

Yeah and Hirewell got started in the tech space but it’s grown severely from there and outside of our Managed and OnDemand teams, obviously we have our different practices: tech, sales, HR, finance and accounting, and real estate. I mean, we’ve really branched out to the fullest extent. I think it’s partly because of the Managed and OnDemand programs that kind of give us these inroads to these different areas and industries.

You talk about time zones, we are fully remote as a company, which has been great and getting to help people hire in fully remote opportunities as well, which the current company I’m working on, they hire fully remotely all across the US and a little bit in the UK as well. So it’s a really cool opportunity to meet a lot of different talent from different areas of the country that normally I wouldn’t get exposure to.

Yeah. Yeah. Thinking back to when I started in HR and recruiting out of college just a couple years ago, I can’t believe that we were just focusing on one area, like 15 to 20 minutes from that office in the suburbs outside of Chicago. And now we can go anywhere in the United States is unbelievable. And I think it’s opened up so many doors for hiring managers and businesses

because you can get so much done just from home. I don’t see any need to going into the office. I work really well from home and really enjoy it. So I love that part of Hirewell too. As do I. I mean, prior to Hirewell I was working in office for a number of different roles and it was all localized talent that we were working with.

The move to a fully remote opportunity, it let me buy a house and move away from my hometown, which was really cool opportunity and something that I had been trying to do for a while. And so that kind of gave me the vehicle to do so. But also my talent pool and my network in LinkedIn have expanded insanely outside of the Pittsburgh area to what it is now, just because of my experience with Hirewell.

Definitely. Yeah, and before Hirewell I always had seen their content and I thought it was so cool that like everyone wants to share about their job, that they love their company. And I was like, gosh, I really need that. And I had told Jeff and I had told Matt in my interviews that like, it was something I really wanted to do.

And I’m so happy I’ve been able to just make content and have fun with it and it grows your network so much. And people start reaching out to you asking like what you do at Hirewell, what they can offer and services and stuff. So it’s really just an awesome opportunity to grow your network and just meet with other clients, potential clients.

It’s been awesome. Yeah. And looking back on it, you know, the amount of Hirewell posts on LinkedIn and the amount of interactions we get on these social medias, it looks a little bit forced, but not at all. You go through the interview process, you know, much like I did. I don’t know if you felt the same way, but you go through it thinking there’s no way this is

real, like there’s gotta be a downside of it. No, not that I’ve seen yet at least. Mm-hmm . Yeah. During one of my meet and greets, someone here at Hirewell told me you will wait for the other shoe to drop and it never will. And like it feels too good to be true, but I’m also almost at my six month mark with Hirewell and it’s been exactly what I had hoped it would be, and exactly what they told me it would be. And probably even better than that, you know? So it’s been awesome just like the transparency, because I feel like you don’t get that a lot. And in my past roles just problems with culture and like toxic culture.

So it’s just been great here. Like there’s no BS, there’s no drama, none of that. Like you just come to work, you do a great job, you enjoy it. And then you just kind of go on with your life. So it’s perfect here.

I’m glad you mentioned meet and greet, kind of circling back to the OnDemand side. I was talking to a buddy of mine who’s also in consulting, about a project he was going on and I said, well, do you get to meet with a client beforehand? And do you get to make any decisions as far as the project journey?

He said, well, no, not, not really. Why would you say that? I said, well, for our clients, whenever we validate contracts, we do a meet and greet process with Jeff, our boss, will line up people he thinks will be a strong fit for the contract. And we have a chance to meet with a company and get to learn from them.

What are their goals? How is this culture going to fit with what I’m trying to do for you? And he said it from the get go, if it’s not a fit, tell me and we’ll figure something else out. Like you have a choice in this. You have a decision that you can make. And I think it makes the clients feel better too, because before they get started in a contract, they get a chance to meet who they’re probably working with and get a real feel for them.

And it’s not a good fit for them, they should say something too, and they have the opportunity to do so which is relatively unheard of, I think, of in the consulting world. So I think it’s a really cool thing that we do. Definitely. I think that was my favorite part too. When I met with my client and did a meet and greet, it was just so casual and comfortable and you felt very respected and you felt like you could share your opinion and you didn’t feel like you were being drilled with questions or anything like that. And I think that’s very different with a lot of other consulting firms, not even in like the recruiting space, just consulting in general. Mm-hmm. So I think it’s a really tough world out there and I think they’ve really done a good job setting it up here

so you’re comfortable. Hirewell has such an amazing culture and it’s like so positive and supportive here. We know that not every other company will be like that, but at least we have like the support from Jeff, our boss, and like the companies are vetted in everything and they know how to treat others with respect and be professional.

So I think that’s important too. And it seems like that’s something that they really focus on here. The system in place is a good one and they’ve built it up over time and it’s got a proven track record now. So you we’ll keep perfecting it, but why change what works? Bonus points that I don’t have to wear a suit on any of these Zoom calls, which has been great.

Yeah, I’m just in my comfy t-shirt on this Friday. So yeah, that’s the best part. And when I started, I was always wearing like a little blouse or like a sweater, but I love that Jeff just says, come as you are, because really it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as long as you look presentable for the meeting and you just have to bring your brain and that’s all you need.

Yeah. Camille, if we’re talking to people outside of our organization and they are, maybe they’re in recruitment, maybe they’re not. What would you tell them is an appealing way of describing the OnDemand program? Because before the Hirewell role, I never thought of a job

that’s sort of the way we’re doing things now. Mm-hmm. So if someone’s maybe they’re just out of college, maybe they’re a recruiter looking to move and they don’t know this is an option, how would you kind of pitch it to them in maybe a quick little synopsis? Yeah. So I think in terms of a company looking for us or a person looking to come into this role as an OnDemand recruiter, which one? I would say from a person’s perspective.

Okay. Yeah, I would say probably that Hirewell has the best support and culture, and we even have junior recruiters and a great program set up for them to learn. So I think if you’re looking for like that consistency, if you’re looking for like a great compensation plan as well, and just really learn from the best and we have awesome

women in leadership here as well as men in leadership here. And just the resources that we have I think that’s all amazing. And then from an interesting perspective from a company, I think would be that if you want to hire a recruiter to work on some roles, at least when you come to Hirewell, you know, that you’re getting the best of the best.

We have like amazing trainings here. We have our DEI sourcing lead Robyn, who really helps us be the best sourcers that we can be. And just that you know what you’re getting and you know that those roles will be fulfilled for the best talent and that they will stay at your organization for a long time.

So I think either way, like there’s so many. Pros on each side as someone coming into Hirewell for OnDemand and as companies looking for help with hiring as well and thinking about asking Hirewell for help. Yeah. And from both an employee and a company standpoint, your OnDemand recruiters have access to some of the industry’s best recruiters in all of these different areas.

Mm-hmm. I can tap into our senior tech recruiters, our HR leads. Depending on the position you might have available, I have someone in house who knows more about this than I do, who can help me fulfill your needs, which is a really cool opportunity. . Yeah, I think that’s the best. We have some awesome teams here and our practice leads are amazing and they have like 10 plus years of experience and just have really great networks and expertise and knowledge in this industry.

So we have so many resources to help and we have grown so much in the past few months that we have been here Dan, like I can’t believe what it’s gonna be like just at the end of this year. So it’s awesome the opportunities that we’ve had just being here at Hirewell. Yeah. And the business continues to grow.

Our demand continues to increase. And so as much as we’ve grown, I’m sure we’re going to keep on growing. Mm-hmm. Yeah and it’s awesome that our content and people are seeing it out on LinkedIn and we’re getting some inbound questions about what the OnDemand team is and what we do and services to help them.

So I think it’s really awesome. Absolutely. Awesome. Well, thanks for watching everybody and let us know if you have any questions about the OnDemand group or if you’re a company looking or a candidate looking for any jobs, just let us know. Send us an email or DM us on LinkedIn, and we would be happy to help.

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