In this week’s episode, Dan and Louie return from a long 4th of July weekend to talk about the craziness that is the Free Agency market in sports.  Most recently, the NHL and NBA have had the free agency market open for the upcoming season and we see top-end talent get to dictate a lot of where they end up signing because they are a commodity.  We saw Fred VanVleet end up in Houston after he decided not to resign with the Toronto Raptors. We saw Ryan O’Reilly and Dimitri Orlov depart from the teams they were traded to at last year’s trade deadline to join new organizations. We segue this into recruiting by discussing what “free agency” is for candidates and employers.  Candidates should be evaluating their wants in companies and jobs and employers should fully understand the commitment to hiring is not something you can half-ass. Another part of our discussion revolves around at-will employment and how you have the right to leave or dismiss someone at any time with just cause.  The two-minute drill wraps up our thoughts and gives our advice to candidates and employers on how to have a successful free agency.