In this episode, Dan and Louie kick the show off with one final recap of the Super Bowl.  In addition, they point out how the Spring Training for the MLB started and how the NBA and NHL seasons are in full swing.  This leads the guys to talk about how versatile Patrick Mahomes and the San Francisco 49ers offense are.  Patrick Mahomes can run, pass, scramble, and make something out of nothing better than anyone we have ever seen and the 49ers offense having Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, and so many other naturally gifted athletes cause nightmares for opposing Defensive Coordinators.  The theme is versatility and they segue to recruiting by talking about how their roles have changed at Hirewell and how they each had to adapt.  The guys follow that up by discussing how candidates can adapt and display their willingness to be versatile to prospective employers.  Tune into the Two Minute Drill to see who the guys’ favorite versatile athletes are.