In this special episode of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Recruiting, Cory and Marc welcome a special guest and colleague Drew Dubendorfer. Travel with them on this insightful episode ‘Harmony in Motion: Bridging Conflict with Lessons from the Road’, as they embark on a unique journey exploring the surprising parallels between the Van Life lifestyle and the art of answering interview questions about handling conflicts in professional scenarios.

In this episode, they delve into the shared experiences of living in close quarters, managing differing opinions, and effectively resolving conflicts that arise in both the adventurous Van Life and the workplace. Discover how the skills and strategies used to maintain peace and harmony on the road mirror the techniques employed to address workplace conflicts. Cory, Marc, and Drew uncover the keys to effective communication, problem-solving, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and collaborative conflict resolution. Learn how living in close proximity teaches us invaluable lessons in navigating disagreements, fostering understanding, and finding common ground—skills that are transferable to the workplace dynamic.

Whether you’re a Van Life enthusiast seeking to translate your experiences into professional growth or a career-driven individual eager to enhance conflict resolution abilities, ‘Harmony in Motion’ is your guide.