June 13, 2024

 Love Languages in the Workplace


Episode Highlights

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In this episode of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania delve into the intriguing realm of love languages within the workplace. With insightful discussions on how to appropriately utilize them, viewers gain valuable insights into understanding how employees prefer to be acknowledged and valued.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot entertainment topics with some helpful recruiting tips. And we’re taking a break from our little mini series All Things Hirewell to bring you guys just back to our roots, literally going back to our entertainment topics and then talking more about us.

And today we’re going to be talking about professional love languages as well as like, big love languages that are out there. The book. There’s like tests all over online, but we’ll talk a little bit more about it.

Yeah, absolutely. So, like Shania said, so it’s Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, which obviously can be applied in, you know, your personal relationships, but we wanted to bring it to the professional forefront.

So we’ll kind of talk through, there’s five love languages, we do leave out physical touch. Just because personally Shania and I are remote and so we’re not getting a literal pat in the back. So, we thought we would talk about the four kind of top ones that really can be most applied, whether you’re virtual or in person.

So Shania, I’ll let you kick off your two and then obviously share with us what your love language is and then I’ll do the same.

Yeah, so the first one is tangible gifts. I think in the workplace that can vary for a lot of different things, whether that is a reward from your company or a token from a teammate, like, “Hey, good job. Here’s like a $5 Starbucks gift card.” Or acknowledging like a birthday. Or something like that. Very like small tokens of appreciation to make sure that they feel rewarded for their contributions on the team. And then my personal favorite one is quality time. This is true for me in my personal life.

So it’s also true at work. I just love like chatting with my teammates and cross teams during the day, setting up one on ones or coffee chats. That’s definitely how I feel most like loved and appreciated in the workplace is being able to really get to know my colleagues, but what are the other two Liz and what’s yours?

Yes, well, first of all, I love that we get quality time every time we get to film this show together. So check. Okay, so the other two are acts of service. That would be something like, you know, I see that you’ve got this big project that you’re working on. How can I help you with this?

For us, specifically, if there’s a role that I see a colleague is recruiting on that, you know, maybe they’re not having the most luck or they need help scheduling, jumping in and saying, like, can I help get these scheduled for you? Take that off your plate. My personal one, both in relationships, and professionally as words of affirmation, my cup needs to be filled for me to feel like I’m doing good at work. You know, even though I think we’re all high achievers, especially when we work in this space, but there-

there’s nothing like being recognized by your colleagues, by your boss, in a company email. Good job goes a long way. I think it’s important for companies, for leaders, managers, teammates, to-

I’ve worked in organizations before where we’ve done the Love Languages quiz or we’ve shared that so that you know how to approach your teammate.

Like, I would know that, like, for you, let me put some time on the calendar and you know for me it’s like you tell me like good job Liz and we’re like filling each other’s cups so I think professional love languages are so important.

Yeah, yeah, on that note I feel like my favorite words of affirmation is like I’m proud of you. Like I feel like I’m proud of you hold like so much weight. Like you see what I’m doing like no matter if it was great or if it was bad like you see me and you love me like-

Yes! I’m proud of you has always been my favorite one.

Yeah, so share your love languages down in the comments, share how you like to give those or receive them and stay tuned for more!

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