July 2, 2024

All Things Hirewell: Rainmakers


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In this episode of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania continue their ‘All Things Hirewell’ series by delving into Rainmakers, a platform acquired about Hirewell! They’ve invited Mike Theron, co-founder of Rainmakers, to share insights into the partnership and how the Hirewell x Rainmakers partnerships can help you fill your open roles!

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we typically pair hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. But as part of our ‘All Things Hirewell’ series, we’re highlighting some different facets of Hirewell and we have a super fun episode for you guys today.

So Liz, I’ll let you introduce our special guest and what we’re going to kind of get into today. Absolutely. I’m so excited to introduce Mike Theron to our show. He is the co founder of Rainmakers, which is a sales recruiting platform that recently, I guess, integrated/joined was acquired by Hirewell, what two and a half years ago, and is a game changer on the sales recruiting side. And I think I’m starting to see it expand into some of our other functions in terms of how those are pitched. So Mike, if you’ll just tell us all about yourself, Rainmakers, kind of how you came about to join Hirewell.

We’d love to hear that. Yeah. Well, first of all, thanks for having me and you nailed the last name there. So I think, you know, Rainmakers was really brought to more efficiently match sales candidates, excuse me, with the right opportunities. And Shania, have you kind of had exposure to the platform yet?

Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been able to see it. It’s super helpful, especially when connecting with our clients and presenting our candidates in a nice and clean way. Yeah, it’s been great. Yeah, so a big thing for us is like bringing data into the equation. So like a big one, you know, average deal sizes, quota sizes, who they’ve sold to, what their requirements are for their next role.

These are big things that companies struggle with. So we built out a really big community of candidates. We’ve got close to 20, 000 in the United States and every time they engage with our community, we’re gathering all these great data points. So, in a very simple sense, going on LinkedIn and saying, “Hey, I need to find sales reps that have sold over a 50, 000 ACV, or they have a million dollar plus quota, or they’ve just sold into the healthcare industry”.

Those are almost impossible data points to gather because no one really has that data. So we’ve gathered that. And with the main goal of a much more accurately matching candidates with the right opportunities. I love that. So it’s for both. It’s for your clients and it’s for candidates.

So candidates can go to the Rainmaker platform, create a profile on there, and then they will exist on there for when a client is in need of a sales professional. Is that how that works? Yeah, absolutely. So this is kind of where the integration with Hirewell has become so powerful because you know, earlier in the Rainmakers days, the platform was a bit more, I guess, like self serve- higher volume, self serve.

Now, as we’ve kind of meshed with the Hirewell team, which is obviously like 20 plus years of industry experience and like a high touch model to help companies hire. We’ve been able to kind of like supercharge Hirewell’s efforts with all this data and much more accurately like submit the right candidates.

Now phase two of this, which we’re kind of in the early stages of doing is working on a much more like lower cost self serve option. But for now it’s very much just laser accurately identifying the right candidates for the right roles. That’s exciting. And are there specific industries that are targeted or it’s kind of anything and everything in the sales domain?

Yeah. So it’s interesting. If you had asked us prior to 2022, 2023, we were heavily focused on the B2B SaaS technology kind of startup world. I’d say our bread and butter was companies between 20 and 200 employees. We did a lot of like building out early sales teams. But very much, you know, B2B software and startups.

I think over the last couple of years, we’ve kind of seen that industry not slowed down, but kind of gone through some transitions. So we’ve actually expanded a lot in the last couple of years to manufacturing sales, industrial sales, healthcare sales. All in kind of a business to business environment.

I love that. I love that. Well, thank you for sharing that with us. I think it just shows even more how Hirewell is not just your regular kind of recruiting firm. There are so many pieces to the pie that, you know, bring in the advisory piece, the RPO, this really unique platform that our clients and our candidates can take advantage of.

Definitely. It’s super helpful, not only for our sales roles, like the team that I’m on, but also for each of our practices. And we’re excited to continue to use the help of Mike and his team and just continue to grow our recruiting efforts. But coming to the last question, potentially the most hard hitting question of this, what is your favorite topic that’s happening in entertainment right now?

Any type of entertainment. Give it to us, Mike. Yeah, I was scared you were going to ask me about, reality TV because I’ve been very, very lost and clueless there. We can help you. So like, yeah. No, I’ll get it. I’ll get it. So, I think I’ll have kind of two answers for you. I think historically, obviously, like, kind of given the guitar here, I’m a huge music fan.

Big fan of like Stevie Ray Vaughan is like my guitar hero from back in the day. But if I were to answer that question more recently, like kind of what am I watching? There was a series called Fallout on Amazon, which got kind of like a cult following. And I was a big nerd growing up, like in high school, I was a big old nerd.

So I played all those video games. So when the show came out, I was really excited and I was kind of like geeking out on it. Okay. I haven’t, I’ve have not. Is this on Amazon prime? I’m going to have to check this out I think. It is. Yeah. Okay. Taking notes. Jot that down in the comments in addition to the- we’ll make sure to put the Rainmakers platform in the comments.

So if you all want to check it out or connect with Mike on any sort of hiring that you need on the sales front side, definitely let us know. Thanks again Mike, for joining us. Of course. Thanks for having me.

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