July 9, 2024

All Things Hirewell: RPO Offering


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In this episode of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania continue their ‘All Things Hirewell’ series by delving into Hirewell’s RPO Offering! They’ve invited Jeff Smith, a Partner at Hirewell, to share insights into the practice and how Hirewell can partner with you to handle your Talent needs. 

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And now with this series, our ‘All Things Hirewell’ series, we’re straying off the cuff just a little bit, but Liz, why don’t you talk to us a little bit more about what we’ll be chatting about today?

Yes, so excited about our special guest today, Jeff Smith. I feel like the man of all the things. Jeff is a partner with us here at Hirewell and a lover of Phish. He truly does it all. He’s kind of the person who’s in charge of putting together, very creative solutions on the RPO

advisory front. And his unique perspective is really afforded to us because not only has he sat on the agency side where we are, but he has been a TA leader before. So he kind of comes in with a lot of solutions. That’s not just the run of the mill, I need to hire this one role for my team, but thinking about volume hiring.

So Jeff, without further ado, please tell us a little bit about what you do here at Hirewell and kind of what sets us apart from any other recruiting firm. Yeah. Yeah, no doubt. I’ll start this by saying for anybody who- fishes can be an ambiguous term. Two things: I actually do like fish. I like to eat. I don’t like to fish, but I like to consume fish.

It’s delicious. However, the fish you were referring to is my posters is the band Phish. So people are either going to be like ew or awesome. And there really is no in between there. So that just to clarify for everybody. I love it. Drop it in the comments. Let us know if you knew what I meant when I said Phish, just based on Jeff’s background

right now. And if anybody wants to ping me and just talk, you know, talk shop in the band universe, I could go for hours. So drop me a line. No, it’s great to be here. Like you said Liz, I’ve been here for just over nine years. I am a partner. My role is to listen to what our clients’ larger scale needs are across their enterprise and wrap more bespoke solutions around those initiatives.

One of the things that I hated when I was a buyer of the services, the most annoying thing was this choice between, well, you can hire a contract recruiter or you can pay 30 percent per hire. And there was like no creativity in between that. And I think I’m really proud of like what we as a team have built and what I’ve kind of spearheaded over the course of my career here at Hirewell, in that parlance in this idea that a customer can actually come to us in a truly differentiated way, have an experience that can bridge multiple different silos within their company and multiple different practices on all with the same continuity and hiring model and you know, process that we deliver excellently.

Yeah, totally. I mean, even just in my almost two years here now, we’ve seen these practices continually evolve to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of our clients in the industry in an even better way. And even like your practice, we started off when I got here, you were OnDemand and now you’re kind of everything RPO and kind of the innovator behind all of these things.

So it’s been super cool from like coming into it, seeing just how much Hirewell does value its clients and making sure that we have what they need. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve been a manager of up to 30 people here and now I’m nobody and focused on, you know, like the growth initiatives. But I do think that that’s what sets us apart.

Like you two have been involved in some of these like larger scale initiatives and in your time here, and I think it speaks to once you see it live, it speaks to like the power of which we can go to market. We can do it with continuity, efficiency. And a lot of the times it ends up being the same amount of spend, if not a little bit less for the customer.

So the result is x amount better and you didn’t spend any more money on it, which I think is the ultimate bragging right. Exactly. And I think too, just seeing you have, you know, pitched to our clients that we’re now working with, the idea that any client can have access to our entire bench, which we have so many expert recruiters in every function, you know, going in at this route. I mean, it just, it feels like a no brainer. Like you have access to all of us and like you said, it’s

usually more cost effective if they’re kind of looking at the bigger picture. So definitely reach out to myself, Jeff, Shania, if you’re kind of looking at that sort of hiring. But Shania kick us off for what we’ve all been waiting for. Yeah. Our shows all about entertainment and so we’ve already talked about Phish.

So if that’s your end all be all on the entertainment topic, then we can just keep on talking about it. But what has been like your big entertainment topic that you’ve been obsessed with recently? That can be TV show, movie trend, music, sports, give it to us. Anything. Sure. So it will be Phish tangential, but I do think most people have been seeing the footage from the sphere in Las Vegas.

Yes. So Phish was great to be the second band to play that room and now, Den and Company, which is kind of like the tribute band to Grateful Dead with John Mayer is now like doing their run there. And as we’ve well documented already in five minutes, I love music and particularly I’m obsessed with like how technology is influencing that experience.

And if you guys have seen the footage, like it’s mind blowing. And I’ve talked to friends who have been there, even for, even with U2, who was the first band. Just, I can’t wait to go to that room and watch a show. It’s like the next bucket list thing. Oh, I love that. We’ll have you back on after that happened

so you can share a little bit more about that. Exactly. You guys can try and pull Hannah’s arm to get like- because her and her husband just got back from it. So. Ooh! I’m not- Hannah, if you’re watching, I apologize if I’m just in here- you’re being recruited Hannah.

But yeah, you could get her stance and then maybe see how it evolves once I get a chance to go into that space, so. I love it. That’s a great idea. Well thank you Jeff, for joining us today. Super helpful to hear your side of the story and how you’re able to help us out at Hirewell and help all of our clients.

So we appreciate it. Thanks for having me.

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