July 6, 2022

What People Say In Interviews Vs What They Really Mean


Episode Highlights

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Recruiters Joel Lalgee and Camille Knapik Balch sit down to share the reality of what people say during interviews vs what they really mean. They make light of how it can seem like both parties are on the same page when they aren’t. Interview tip: Find out what is important to you and voice your needs during the interview process.

Episode Transcript

Hey Joel. Thanks for joining me today. How are you? Hey Camille, I’m doing good. Super excited to hear about the opportunity. Awesome. Yeah. I just want to find out a little bit more about you. Do you have an idea what you’re targeting for your salary for your next role? Yeah, I mean, I can really do anywhere from like 60 to a 100K if that’s possible.

Yeah. 60 to a 100K is definitely within our budget for this role. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. And then do you have an idea of how often you want to go into the office? Yeah, I mean really anywhere from like two to three days a week is doable for me. Okay.  Yeah. That’s what we have for an idea for our hybrid work model, usually like two to four days a week in the office.

Perfect. I love it. Awesome. And then are you looking for like a normal 40 days a week, hour job or? Yeah, I mean, 40 hours a week is totally fine. I’m really hard worker. So I like to work just like the nine to five, if that’s possible. Okay. Yeah. We don’t have our employees work any longer than 40 hour weeks.

Awesome. Sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Yeah. Awesome. And then since you’ll be coming into the office and working from home, what kind of work equipment do you have at home or do you need stuff provided to you?  Yeah, I mean, I probably just order, you know, like a new laptop and then couple of screens, maybe like a mic, probably like a couple headsets, but need a ring light as well.

I like to produce content and stuff like that. So yeah. I can totally expense that as well if that works.  Yeah, yeah. We definitely have that in the budget. So you can just go ahead and order whatever you want and the manager will cover that for you. So you’re comfortable working from home. I love that.

I love that. That works out well. Yeah. Awesome. And then one more thing or actually two more things. What are you looking for? Do you take a lot of time off, go on a lot of vacations? What are you looking for, for PTO? Yeah. I mean- look, anywhere from like three to four weeks would be ideal for me. Okay.

What’s your guys’ policy? Yeah, so we have a really flexible, unlimited PTO plan. I love that. I take a lot of time off during the holidays, vacation, summertime. A lot of unlimited PTO, so you’ll love that here. I can’t wait for unlimited PTO. I’m just going to take time off all the time. Awesome. Yeah, everybody does.

That’ll be great. I love it. I can’t wait.  And what would you say about the culture? What do you think the culture’s like?  Oh, the culture’s great. It’s like a big family here. Everyone has lunches together. We do some virtual happy hours. Everyone treats each other really well. We promote from within, there’s a lot of mentorship. So it’s a really great community feel.

I love it. When do I start?

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