In this week’s episode Dan and Louie “Embrace the Chaos”. The Arizona Diamondbacks are in the World Series and have adapted that slogan for their playoff push.  The MLB Playoffs have been anything but predictable.  The league saw heavy favorites in the Phillies, Braves, and Astros all get bounced before the World Series and are left with the Texas Rangers vs the Diamondbacks. The guys segue this “Embrace the Chaos” slogan with recruiting by talking about the rollercoaster hiring climate Hirewell and the market has seen. In 2022, everyone was high on the hog, acquisitions, plenty of hiring, and plenty of clients.  Dan and Louie then talk about how 2023 saw a huge slow-down in hiring, cutting headcount, and many companies doing restructuring to maximize the capacity of each employee. The tail end of 2023 has picked back up and the guys suggest ways to navigate the chaos from a candidate and recruiter perspective. Tune in to see who Dan and Louie have closing out the World Series and just how to EMBRACE THE CHAOS.