In this episode, Dan and Louie kick things off by discussing all of the moving parts in the sports world, most recently, the NFL Free Agency. They discuss who their respective teams, Dan (Steelers) and Louie (Bears), picked/ traded in the opening days. Dan and Louie then get right to what we all expect them to go into in March, MARCH MADNESS.  March Madness is an amazing time of year when the smallest underdogs become ingrained in sports history and Power House School falls in the battle just a bit too early.  This episode is unique in that the two-minute drill is more like the 8-minute drill as the guys give their picks.  Each picked a favorite, a mid-major and a cinderella team to win the tournament.  They segue this into recruiting by comparing those 3 types of basketball programs to that of the recruiting firms and how each of those firms can be a fit for any company depending on the project.  Tune into the 37th episode to see who the guys pick as their 3 picks to win the tournament!