June 22, 2021

2019 Salary Trends for the Hottest Roles in Tech and HR


When people ask me what the most popular positions are that we fill, I tell them that they’re for software engineers (to no one’s surprise) and recruiters, or talent acquisition (to many people’s surprise). In our latest episode, I talk with the members of the Hirewell team, Paul Luhrsen, Tech Recruiting Lead and Rosanna Krug, Vice President, HR Practice, who can speak to the salary trends for the Tech and HR sectors. Job seekers have the upper hand right now. Unemployment is low, businesses are scrambling for top talent and Tech and HR candidates can command the salaries they want.

Our challenge is to make sense of the trends. We know that more data means more accuracy and so we’ve developed a tool to aggregate public-facing salary information with our own data. I talk about the importance of this tool with Paul and Rosanna, as well as the trends we’re seeing across both of these sectors. Job seekers in Tech are looking for more flexibility and the opportunity to have an impact. We’re also finding that engineers aren’t necessarily being pushed into management roles because their value is in building things. We’re seeing something similar in HR as well. Job seekers for Talent Acquisition positions are being viewed as stakeholders in the business, with access to positions on the Executive team and a more hands-on role in the organizations they work for. We cover all of this and more, it’s a great conversation and I’m excited to share it with you.

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