June 22, 2021

How is YOUR company handling WFH when this thing ends?


Remote work was a hot topic before many of us had no choice but to spend 6+ months  working from home.  Prior to March 2020, 3.6% of americans worked from home >50% of the time and 43% worked from home some of the time. Those numbers paled in comparison to the numbers that wanted to (80%) work remotely.

Fast forward six months and plenty of employees are enjoying the freedom and flexibility they get working from home.  Things have escalated quickly – dozens of major companies have announced partial or complete remote working policies.  And they are aggressively targeting your employees.  Especially if your policy is antiquated or ambiguous.  HR / Business leaders have some big decisions to make. What are they going to do when we finally can work in the office?

We’ve been getting A LOT of questions about this from clients and job seekers. What should they do? What are other companies doing? So we put together a survey and we’d love your input. It is quick and painless – I promise.

Stay safe, healthy, and continue to wear your masks!

Click here to take the survey.

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