June 22, 2021

How To Define Your Criteria for Hiring the Right Candidate


Choosing the right candidate is not a matter of luck. It’s a process in which you must define your criteria and follow the right steps. When you do, you both greatly enhance your likelihood for success and minimize your potential frustrations.
Between skill sets, cultural fit and over-the-top expectations, there are several variables to consider when defining what a “right” candidate means to you. Our job is to not only help you define what the right candidate means to you, but…

  • Save you time… and money by helping you focus
  • Provide insights that you can share with your hiring managers
  • Generate universal hiring information that applies to all fields

The key to accomplishing all of this is what we call The Hiring Cycle: NEED, PROCESS, REFINE, TEACH, REPEAT.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the hiring cycle is science and not magic. It is about refinement and passion.

  • Define your NEED early.
  • Set the PROCESS.
  • Be prepared to REFINE the PROCESS if things aren’t working.
  • Be willing to embrace TEACH(ing) the best candidate new skills, because the “perfect” candidate may not exist.

Now, go make the right hire.
If you have questions or seek hiring support, we’re here to help.

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