June 22, 2021

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We deliver the best recruiting insights through our blogs, podcasts and videos, but we know that others have knowledge to share with you as well. And if you have to go elsewhere for that knowledge, why not go to Miami, Seattle, Austin or Boulder? Please enjoy this list of the HR and recruiting conferences we’re most looking forward to in 2020.

Conference: VMSA EAST 2020
When: January 16th & 17th
Where: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Description: Are you interested in the global talent ecosystem? Is engaging with the full spectrum of the contingent workforce supply chain your thing? This annual conference focuses on everything, and everyone, from Vendor Management Technologies to the Suppliers of Contingent Labor.

Conference: Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum
When: March 9th to 12th
Where: Miami, Florida
Description: The year’s biggest gathering of staffing firm executives will descend on Miami for the SIA Executive Forum this year. If big is your thing, book your flight.

Conference: SourceCon
When: March 23rd to 25th
Where: Seattle, Washington
Description: Gain new insights and on innovative sourcing strategies, technologies and methods. Your peers will be at SourceCon sharing everything they know about obtaining top candidates.

Conference: ERE Recruiting Conference
When: April 15th to 17th
Where: San Diego, California
Description: What does long-term success in talent acquisition look like? And how can you best improve recruiting at your organization? You attend ERE, where the speakers are hand-picked and promise to share their best strategies for success.

Conference: StaffingTec
When: May 5th to 7th
Where: Austin, Texas
Description: The future is tech, and the future is now — and both are in Austin, where StaffingTec is the first conference focused on bringing you expert insights on new staffing tech and using technology to drive growth and strategy.

Conference: Indeed Interactive Worldwide
When: May 11th to 13th
Where: Austin, Texas
Description: Talent leaders from everywhere will be talking about the hiring challenges that face them, you, all of us.

Conference: Bullhorn Engage
When: June 17th to 19th
Where: Austin, Texas
Description: Where else would you want to be networking and learning with industry leaders? Nowhere else—not when 1,300 people attended this event in 2019.

Conference: Staffing Hub Live
When: September 28th to 30th
Where: Boulder, Colorado
Description: If you’re looking for something more intimate, this invite-only conference with its focus on both learning and charity is it. (Also, maybe you want to go somewhere besides Austin.)

Conference: ASA Staffing World 
When: October 20th to 22nd
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
Description: We can’t say enough about the sessions and keynote speakers at this conference. And that’s because it’s not only one of the best staffing conferences in the country, it’s also one of the most inspirational.

Conference: TechServe Alliance 
When: November 10th to 20th
Where: Amelia Island, Florida
Description: Amelia Island sounds pretty good in November, especially if you live in Chicago like we do. More importantly however, TechServe is here to support your efforts in untangling the challenges related to
working for IT and engineering staffing firms.

Final Thoughts

Another simple CTA: Tell us which conferences you’re looking forward to in 2020, and after you attend them, we want to hear what you learned.

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