June 22, 2021

Interns: The Ultimate Talent Pipeline


In this episode, I talk with Elise Gelwicks, founder of InternView—an organization dedicated to the belief that young professionals substantively contribute to the organizations for which they work. In college, Elise started a company that assisted students in finding meaningful internship experiences. After college, she worked as a management consultant for Kimberly-Clark, but couldn’t escape what she felt was her true mission: helping students and companies map out substantial, effective internship experiences.

The result? She founded InternView and has focused full-time on giving young professionals proper training and support.

I found this conversation really fascinating because at Hirewell we’ve tried to create meaningful experiences for our interns, and it’s not easy to do. We’ve gotten better at it, however, because of partnering with people like Elise. She’s introduced us to the importance of creating structured internship programs that define expectations, roles, the purpose of the program, the projects interns are assigned, feedback loops and mentors, among other things.

All of which we discuss in this episode. We also talk about the importance of building a professional network, recognizing how interns positively impact your bottom line, and professionalism (including when to not bring your phone or laptop to meetings).

This is a great conversation, and I’m excited to share it with you.

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