June 22, 2021

What’s Good for Female Leaders is Good For Business


In this episode, I talk with Kate Bensen, president and CEO of The Chicago Network—an organization with more than 500 members, dedicated to connecting women and empowering them to lead. In fact, you may have interacted with women from The Chicago Network, or at least the organizations they lead, without realizing it. Its members’ companies account for more than $2.8 trillion in market cap and employ more than 4.7 million people.

I enjoyed this conversation especially because Kate has such an interesting perspective. She knows women leaders make an incredible impact and businesses they lead doing amazing things. We discuss how women impact the workforce and how the Network inspires and supports the next generation of female leaders. We also discuss the Network’s focuses on STEM, gender and pay equity, and networking. Kate shares how companies are creating clear paths to female leadership, her desire for women to seek out these paths and why providing women with a seat at the table is good for business.

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