July 7, 2021

What Candidates Want to Know: Technology Edition


Episode Highlights

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If you’re having a hard time hiring software engineers (who isn’t?) this is one you’ll want to tune in for.

Nate Guggia and James Hornick are continuing their What Candidates Want to Know series with the Technology Edition

It’s pretty straightforward. Most company messaging makes too many assumptions. You think you know what technology candidates want to hear, but do you really? Based on their research so far: nope.

So they’re doing the legwork for you. Surveys and 1:1 convos to understand what technology candidates dig into during the interview process. The real meat of their decision-making.

Then you can provide it upfront via content: recruiter outreach, job ads, career sites, social posts, podcasts, etc. It’ll attract more people.

Episode Transcript

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