March 12, 2024

Queer Eye & RPO 


Episode Highlights

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In the concluding chapter of our Hirewell Talent Solutions breakdown, Shania and Liz tackle the intricacies of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) while drawing parallels with the popular show Queer Eye. The similarities lie in our capacity to form a comprehensive partnership with you in both operations and delivery. Just like the Fab Five, we excel at tailoring our services to meet all your diverse needs under the RPO function.

Episode Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And we are on the last part of our series where we’re talking about how Hirewell can partner with your organization as a talent solutions partner. And this week we’re talking about interim searches.

Interim searches reminded us a lot of limited series, whether that’s on Netflix or Hulu, and I love limited series with my whole heart. They’re so good. They’re so good. And don’t worry, we will share with you guys what limited series we recommend. But if you don’t know what a limited series is, essentially it is a series that just has a finite number of episodes.

They don’t plan on expanding to like a Grey’s Anatomy that has like 49 seasons. That’s probably not right. Don’t quote me on that. But what is appealing about them is they offer a complete and compelling story without the need for a long term commitment, which is essentially Interim Search. It’s essentially that temp to hire, try before you buy sort of mentality, but tell us more Shania.

Yeah, it can mean a lot of things. It can mean the temp to hire. It can also mean your typical contract role. Hey, we’re bringing you on for three months potential for extension or potential full time. But yeah, we see, we’re seeing a lot of that in the market right now that companies are reverting to this, especially with the crazy job market.

They don’t want to get someone’s hopes up and give them a full time role if maybe there’s not that much stability. And so they’re reverting to these contract models or attempt to hire models, and we have a big business there, and we’re able to find a lot of really good talent to serve companies in the interim.

Absolutely. And within interim, we also want to, because you guys know, these episodes are plugs for Hirewell. Let’s go Hirewell. We also offer payrolling, and I think that’s an option that doesn’t come up as often, when you think about a recruiting firm. And essentially, we can handle contractor payroll for you so that you don’t have to.

We take all the burden off. It just makes it easy to kind of turn the faucet on and off. If you know that you have a big project coming up, big SAP project, and you just need a contractor, that you’ve maybe already sourced, you just need someone to payroll them. We offer that as well. So, really, there’s a lot that goes kind of into the interim, and Shania and I would love it if you would reach out to us and have any questions. But, before we close out this episode, we did want to share our favorite limited series.


Yes! Mine is mind hunter on Netflix. I will let y’all go Google what it’s about. It’s about, like, the FBI and all the things, but it was a phenomenal show, and I wish it would come back, but I guess that’s the point of limited series. What about you, Shania? Yeah. Well, mine’s the Queen’s Gambit, 100%. I loved it so much, but I think the reason I like limited series so much is because they’re just like finite.

Like, they have a good beginning and a good ending, and you don’t-

like, you kind of want more, but you’re like, if they made more it’d probably not be as good. That’s so true. You’re good with it, and I feel like that’s so true about the Queen’s Gambit. That’s so true. Anyway, let us know what y’all think in the comments of the shows of our series, if you have any other series ideas, but you know we’re coming at you with more entertainment topics, so stay tuned!



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