May 10, 2024

Recruiting Reality: All Things Hirewell: Industrial Division


Episode Highlights

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 In this episode of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania continue their ‘All Things Hirewell’ series by delving into Hirewell’s Industrial Division! They’ve invited Kara Dicarlo, an Industrial Recruiting/Business Development expert, to share insights into the practice and how Hirewell can fill your Industrial hiring needs.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality where we typically talk about all of the hot topics in entertainment and tie in some recruiting tips. But in this All Things Hirewell series, we are diving into the different aspects of Hirewell to give you a deeper insight on how we can help your organization and what we do in our day to day.

And we have an extremely special guest here, so I’m just going to let you introduce yourself and what you do at Hirewell. Okay, well, thank you so much for having me. I am Kara DiCarlo and I lead the sales and business development for our new division, which is our industrial slash manufacturing division.

That’s awesome. Yeah. We are super excited about it. Company wide. Yes, we are. And I think Kara joined us a year ago? You’ve already hit your one year anniversary with us. Yes. Last month. That’s so wild. Happy one year. I think, you know, in this all things Hirewell series, we’ve been talking about what sort of roles each function typically focus on, specialize in, I know a lot of what you’re doing is bringing in the business. So just for our listeners out there who are looking to hire and, or looking to find a role within this space. What would you say kind of that typical like repertoire of roles that your function handles?

And is it, you know, industry agnostic? Do you look at all industries? Are there specific industries? And then, is it nationwide as well? Okay. Yes. So it is nationwide. Absolutely. And we work with, obviously, all kinds of different manufacturing companies as well as engineering firms, construction companies.

Anything that deals with supply chain. So the types of roles that we are typically recruiting for supply chain management and executives, plant and warehouse managers, engineers across mechanical, electrical process control, continuous improvement, reliability. I mean, you know, you name it, we can do any sort of engineering role.

Then also, you know, salespeople that specialize in those more technical types of industrial positions. Okay, that’s great. And would you say it’s everything from like high level to even at the plant level? Like if it’s an operator or kind of anything in that space, do we handle that as well? So we typically are looking at management and above or, you know, professional level and above.

However, if you have a big project, if a company has a big project and they are, you know, looking to hire 20 plus individuals, even at the operator level, we can absolutely put together a program that can facilitate recruiting for all of that. Awesome. Yeah, very customizable. Love it. Yes, absolutely.

Yeah, we’re super excited and our recruiting team is extremely talented and they just understand these roles. They understand the industrial industry. They know the questions that asked, they know how to find these people. They’re just very good at what they do. And so, you know, we’ve already been doing this work and now it’s actually built out into a true division within Hirewell. So super excited.

That is exciting. Yeah, we can’t wait to see how it continues to grow because we’ve already seen so many good things come out of it already. So, can’t wait to watch. We can definitely attest that there are some really strong recruiters on that team. Yeah, I can’t say enough good things.

100%. Well, thank you for sharing with us and with everyone a little bit about our new division at Hirewell. Shania, do you want to kick off our entertainment piece? Yeah, so normally we would do with this full tie in on, like, try to figure out the best entertainment topic to tie into industrial or engineering, but since we are doing this fun new series, we wanted to just ask any of our guests, like, what is your favorite entertainment topic right now?

What has been your, like, go to thing to listen to, watch, look up on Instagram? What is it? Oh my goodness. So, you might lose some viewers with this answer, but I, my guilty pleasure is love is blind. I love it. So good. So it’s just, you know, that’s pure entertainment. I love it. It is. And we actually did a, an episode on season six of Love is Blind.

So good. We are also well versed in the Love is Blind universe. Yeah. I mean, it’s just great. I agree. I’ll put in a shameless plug. I recently watched Love is Blind Brazil and Love is Blind Sweden, and they were so good. I mean, even better than, I think, the Love is Blind US. Honestly, Love is Blind Sweden, I think everyone should watch it.

It was so good. So I’m right there with you. I like it so much that I try to find it in different languages so I can keep watching it all unfold. Well, thank you so much for coming on today to chat and we really appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Thanks, Kara.

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