April 2, 2024

Recruiting Reality: Being the Newbie on the team: Greys Anatomy and Remote Work


Episode Highlights

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 The struggles of being a newbie on the team are vast, especially in a remote work environment. Join Liz and Shania as they parallel the challenges of being a newcomer on the “Grey’s Anatomy” team with the difficulties of joining a new team that works remotely.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And Grey’s Anatomy is on its 20th season. It’s wild. I don’t know how. We have to address it.

We can’t just go by without letting it happen. So we’re going to be talking a little bit about Grey’s Anatomy today, and then talk about the struggles of being a newbie on a team. And so Grey’s Anatomy- It’s a lot, right, Liz? It’s a lot. It’s a lot. And our connection here y’all, because you’re probably wondering, wait, Grey’s Anatomy and being a newbie to a team, how? But first of all, I do have to call out that Shania and I- and talking about our color scheme today went with blue because scrubs.

So if you’re wondering, but I admittedly was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan when it came out back in 2005. Like Shania said, they’re about to start season 20, I dropped off at like season 10, but one thing I do remember, and if you see, if you’ve seen the show or are watching the show is there are always new doctors. There was that core group of doctors, these names may not sound familiar to anyone, but there was Izzy, Karev, O’Malley, that core, core group.

But as the years have progressed, new doctors have joined. And so as we were kind of talking about our entertainment connection, we were imagining like, what must that be like joining a tenured team, you know, in that case, it was a doctors. For us, you know, Shania and I can personally speak to, we joined a team of very tenured recruiters here at Hirewell, a lot of those actually in a corporate office where we don’t sit. And we wanted to really discuss navigating the nuances, both as an employee joining a team and if you’re already on a tenured team and kind of things that might happen. So, you know, I think as a new employee, it can be really intimidating to build trust, build relationships.

And so, you know, one thing I think Shania and I both tried to do was get to know our teammates. A lot of those worked together in the same city, but do our best to create relationships so that we can foster a sense of trust since we were working virtually. What other pieces did you have, Shania? Yeah, I think that’s like one of the big ones.

Especially when a lot of your company’s remote, but it’s headquartered somewhere where the majority of your company is, it can be really hard coming into a company where you are the odd man out as far as geography goes. And trying to fit in with a team who sees each other regularly in person.

Right. It’s all about like the people that are currently in the team. It’s all about them making the extra effort, going the extra mile to not only learn more about you, but to make sure you feel included, even if the team’s still getting together. And just checking in and all of that, which I know like my direct manager did a great job, especially my first few months, making sure that I was still feeling valued, even though I wasn’t able to go to necessarily all of the things that were in the headquartered location.

I love that. I love that. I think that’s a great tip if you’re kind of joining, you know, a tenured team, and then if you’re already senior sitting on a tenure team and you have new employees joining, I think like Shania said, making sure you do that, reach out. Making sure that you value that there is a new, fresh perspective that is being added to the dynamic.

I think sometimes, understandably so, change is hard, change is scary. Any new person changes kind of the flow of how the team goes, but, you know, allowing those fresh perspectives to come in I think is so important. And you know, something that everyone will face at some point, joining a team, moving jobs.

And so, those are kind of some of the thoughts that we had around the nuances. If you all have any thoughts on that and or Grey’s Anatomy, we would love to hear them. Yeah, definitely.



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