August 21, 2023

Recruiting Reality: Chasing Dreams in Chaos – Agency Recruiting Meets ‘The Bear’


Episode Highlights

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Recruiting Reality presents an exploration of two worlds united by chaos and fueled by passion. Join Shania and Liz as they dissect the demanding profession of agency recruiters, mirroring the frenzied pursuits seen in ‘The Bear.’ In this episode, we uncover the intricacies of managing the ever-changing recruitment landscape and building a successful restaurant under duress. Tune in!

Episode Transcript

Welcome to Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. So we both watched the previous season of The Bear. It’s been out for a while now. So hopefully you guys have all had a chance to take a peek at it. And the reason I love the Bear so much is because of the pure chaos that happens all season:

season one and season two.

Chaos is the right word. And watching that show, I was so just taken aback and impressed by like the hustle within the chaos and the passion within the chaos. And it truly reminded me so much of being an agency recruiter. So today I’m just so excited to connect the dots between the bear and opening a restaurant, everything that happened in that show and what our day to day looks like because it is a roller coaster roller. It is a hustle.

There is a scene specifically that really stuck with me where, you know, they’re mapping out what the restaurant’s going to look like.

*This isn’t a spoiler alert, hopefully*

But Carmy is with the boys, mapping out the kitchen and talking about like, I need to get from here to here to here in this certain amount of time.

And it just really, I like paused it to tell my husband like, this is our life. Like we’ve got to get candidate interview confirmations out, we’ve got to get submittals out, we’ve got to follow up debrief with our candidates, which we’ve talked about, debrief with our clients. And then in the process of all that, have a huge smile on our face, which we do because I think if you are an agency recruiter, you do it because you love it, right?

Yeah. Exactly. We’re trying to figure out the most efficient way to do it at all times, and everyone has their own process. That’s just like our day to day. We are figuring out what the best way is to manage our time, what messages get the best returns for us. Yes. What the best way to communicate with candidates is.

And so it’s a lot of chaos, a lot of different things, but yeah, if you don’t have the heart for people and the joy of giving someone a job or like helping them get that job, it doesn’t matter. Like you’re not going be able to thrive in this agency role. But that’s why we’re all in it. There’s chaos, but there’s passion within that chaos.

Exactly. And we absolutely love it. So if you haven’t had a chance to tune in, we would recommend doing that. If there are any other shows that excite you, that you’d love for us to connect to the recruiting world, ’cause that’s what we do best, drop it in the comments. And we’re so excited to see you next week.

Yeah. We can’t wait.

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