August 21, 2023

Recruiting Reality: From Casting Calls to Career Calls – LinkedIn’s Open-to-Work Feature


Episode Highlights

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Tune in to Recruiting Reality, where cohosts Shania and Liz dissect the hottest topics in entertainment and blend them seamlessly with recruitment insights. Join hosts Shania and Liz as they explore the intriguing parallels between the entertainment industry’s casting process and the job market’s open-to-work setting on LinkedIn. They do a deep dive into the dynamics of putting yourself out there, whether it’s for a spot on reality TV or the next step in your career. Tune in for tips, insights, and engaging discussions on how to shine in both spheres!

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Recruiting Reality, where we pair up some hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. So Liz, right now, I am knee deep in a few different reality shows. I’m watching Big Brother, the Challenge, and Master Chef right now, and I’m loving every minute of it. What are you watching right now?

I love reality TV. It’s so good to unwind to. So for me right now, it is Below Deck Down Under and Project Runway. I am obsessed and in watching those I have thought to myself, have you ever wondered how these contestants make it onto these different shows? Yeah, I do. And with Big Brother, they’ll even have like announcements at the end, like send in your video interview.

Yes. And I mean, every show has their different things. Like sometimes they’re out there poaching, but sometimes, a lot of times it’s the video interview. They just want to see you and they want to see your personality and you got to put yourself out there at the end of the day. Exactly, which ties right into, if you guys noticed, we are wearing green today because we are highlighting the green #OpenToWork banner.

So much like these contestants are putting themselves out there in forms of videos if they’re not getting poached and saying, “I should be on Project Runway because I’m this awesome designer.” It’s the same situation when you are actively looking for a job or even just passively thinking, I might want to start looking for something else and have your #OpenToWork banner more private that only recruiters can see in their LinkedIn recruiter mode.

It just allows us to be able to actually funnel down in our LinkedIn search. I’d like to only look at candidates who are open to work because I know, they’re more likely to have a conversation with me. Yeah, and it’s super easy. On your profile, you can change your settings and it’ll actually give you two options.

It’ll give you one option to display the banner onto your profile. And so that’s, everyone knows, people in your prior company or current company will be able to see that. And it goes out to every LinkedIn user. And then there’s another option, and that one’s a little bit more confidential. It only shows to people who have the LinkedIn recruiter tag on their profile.

And it does its best to not show anyone at your current company that you are open to work. It has like an almost positive success rate, but there is that little hash mark there. And it’ll let you know whenever you click that selection button. Exactly. I’m so glad you highlighted that because I think that can sometimes be a fear for candidates.

Like I don’t want to put out there that I’m open to work, I can’t risk something happening at my current place of employment. So just knowing there is a confidential option is huge. And knowing that we as recruiters do pay attention to that, much like I’m sure producers look at the videos when they’re deciding who they’re going to have, join their show.

Yep. On our end we have a little button where we can look for just people who are promoting that they’re open to work. So it helps on both ends for you and for us to see that you’re out there, you’re open and networking and looking for a job. Exactly. Well you heard what we are watching at night and we would love to hear what y’all are watching, so make sure to let us know what reality TV you’ve got going on as well.

And we’ll see you next week. Yeah, see you guys. Bye.




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