October 31, 2023

Recruiting Reality: Ghosting is for Halloween, NOT Recruiters


Episode Highlights

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In this Halloween Special of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania talk about the scary reality of candidates ghosting their recruiters. Tune in to hear the most common ways that ghosting occurs and why you should always close the loop. 

Episode Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And this week is going to be a little bit different because it’s Halloween. So happy Halloween to everyone out there on LinkedIn. Happy Halloween.

We’re so excited. And of course, the topic of today we had to tie it in, is ghosting. We are going to chat a little bit about ghosting more on the candidate side from our perspective, and how we’ve experienced it. And just kind of give some thoughts and tips on that. So I think, Shania and I, both discussed where is it that we see it the most. And we both kind of agreed that where we see it is typically after a first response back is received from a candidate that we’ve reached out to on LinkedIn recruiter, you know, “Are you interested in this role?”

And, you know, they respond and say, “Yes, I’m interested,” which of course our follow up is great. Let’s set up a call. I’m excited to chat. Here’s my availability. And then ghosted. Just nothing. What do you think, Shania? I mean, what are your thoughts? Yeah, same. And then I’m like, how many times is it appropriate to follow up without them thinking I’m crazy?

Right. Yeah, I think that’s definitely the most for me. And then also if a candidate, I feel like if they feel like they bombed an interview, that they did not do a good job, sometimes they’ll just stop responding because they’re like, I know I didn’t get it. But it’s like we could fight for you. We could ask for another one.

We could like, if you just talk to us, we can try our best to figure something out. But yeah, being ghosted is the worst. It is the worst. And I think, you know, we definitely acknowledge that it happens on both sides, right? Happens to candidates happens to recruiters. So I think the theme of the story here is just close the loop. Close the loop, whether you’re the recruiter and your candidate has interviewed and they didn’t make it, you know, to the next step, or you received feedback, or if you’re the candidate who the recruiter is reached out to, reach out to said person and give some closure, so that

that person isn’t left feeling ghosted. Yep, on all sides. So we hope you’re having a happy Halloween. We hope that you’re not getting ghosted and that you don’t ghost anyone anytime soon. Happy Halloween!

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