December 19, 2023

Recruiting Reality: Goals for the New Year


Episode Highlights

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This is the last episode of Recruiting Reality for the year, so Liz and Shania have something special in store—New Year’s Resolutions! There’s a thrill in browsing through Instagram and LinkedIn, catching a glimpse of the resolutions set by those we follow. Tune in to discover Liz and Shania’s exciting goals for the upcoming year.

Episode Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality. This is going to be our last episode for the year. So this is our last time where we’re connecting different trends in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And we are talking about New Year’s resolutions, your New Year’s initiatives, whatever you want to call them, just your simple goals as we head into the new year.

We’re so excited. I’m also honestly quite shocked that it’s our last episode of 2023. I think we’re all just ready for 2024. So I’m excited to share, you know, one personal and one professional. So I’ll kick us off. Personally, I just signed up to run the New York City Marathon in 2024, so I have about a year.

You’re going to keep hearing more about it, Shania. I’m going to be talking about it on LinkedIn. But, I need to start training for that. And professionally, I want to do even more to try to continue to grow our different departments here, at Hirewell, and bring new business in. And so this is also a little bit of a pitch for both Shania and myself, you know, not only do we fill jobs for candidates, but clients out there, we also can help you fill all the jobs. Yeah.

So please reach out to us, if you have any hiring needs. We specialize in everything from corporate functions, marketing, sales, product, tech. You may even see an upcoming episode where we really dig into our different niches and what we do. So that is on a more professional level, one of my resolutions.

What about you, Shania? Yeah, on a professional level that’s my goal as well, is I want to get into more clients and try to bring them in and get more business. Not only for Hirewell, but to help clients fill roles. I recently got into it this year and it’s just been so rewarding and creating so many relationships in the industry has been awesome.

And then personally, which I haven’t decided on yet, but for my personal life, I normally pick a word that I keep through the entire year. This past year, my word was wholeheartedly. I haven’t decided on that yet, but I’ll just talk about more of a goal for the New Year. My goal for the New Year is to be able to run a Spartan race.

I don’t know how big they are in the parts of Texas that you live, in New York city, in- really soon.

But in California, they host like three or four. And then I know they’re nationwide, but California is pretty big for them. And so I want to sign up for one and run one. My husband’s already ran, I think like four, and I just get intimidated by the running piece.

I’m like, I know I can do the heavy lifting and all of that. But I’m not a runner, so get into more running, and run a Spartan race. Oh my gosh, I love our goals are so aligned. We’re going to be talking about running so much, everyone. Get ready. I know, I’m not a runner, but-

You will be!

Well, stay tuned, everyone. Thank you again for joining us every Tuesday, sometimes Thursday, and tuning into Recruiting Reality. This has been, I think, one of our favorite things that we’ve taken on this year and are excited to keep connecting entertainment and recruiting in the upcoming new year.

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