March 19, 2024

Recruiting Reality: Love is Blind and So is Recruiting


Episode Highlights

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As another dramatic season of “Love is Blind” comes to an end, Liz and Shania had to cover it! In the show, first impressions are everything, even though you don’t see each other face-to-face! The same goes for recruiting. Our initial contact is typically via email, InMail, or a phone call, and making a good first impression is crucial. Quick Tip: Always proofread your messages and answer the phone with the expectation of speaking professionally with a recruiter.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And the season of Love is Blind just ended and it was one of our favorites and social media loved it too. I had so many friends who stopped watching Love is Blind and then got caught up in all of the social media marketing that they decided to jump back in and watch this season and I feel like they really stepped it up.

They really did. I’m going to be honest with y’all. I was like about to cancel my Netflix membership because we realized we weren’t using it. And as I went in to do that, I saw the latest season was dropping or dropped. And I was like, well, now I have to watch it and I can’t cancel it. Love is blind.

Just, if you all have not had a chance to catch it, we recommend it. I think season six. just wrapped up. Essentially it involves individuals forming connections and potentially falling in love without seeing each other physically. We have talked about love is blind on this show before, but we’re bringing it back because it just continues to evolve.

Our connection to love is blind this time though, is blind screening, because essentially that is what they are doing as potential partners in the pods. And that is also what recruiters do when they call a candidate. It is blind screening, because we’re calling you based on qualifications and skills and that first form of communication that we have with you is typically over the phone.

We can’t see you, so we are gauging a lot on how you answer the phone, your communication style, so many other things. Tell us those things, Shania. Yeah, it’s all about the little things, especially on a phone interview. And like Liz said, even just like how you answer the phone, sometimes we get calls where they answer like, hello?

And it’s like, uh-

instead of like, hi, this is Shania or something of that sort. And it’s all, like I said, those little things, cause in person you can rely a little bit more on your facial expressions and like the way you’re moving your hand, but over the phone, it’s really just your ability to communicate well and that also goes for the background noises and some things are not able to be contained.

As we’ve learned through the pandemic, working from home is a different beast. Same thing with taking a call somewhere. Maybe you have to step outside your workplace in order to take this screen call and there’s outside noise. It’s better to just let the recruiter know, be transparent so that the entire call isn’t like the recruiter thinking, “Oh, maybe they didn’t prepare enough.” or “What’s happening here?” It’s just better to lay it all out at the beginning and also make sure you keep professionalism from your initial hello throughout the goodbye at the end. Absolutely. Verbal communication, I think is the name of the game and Love is Blind. It is the name of the game when you’re connecting with a recruiter or hiring manager and, let us know your thoughts on this season.

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