March 26, 2024

Recruiting Reality: Pitching – Important in Shark Tank and in the Job Search 


Episode Highlights

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Who doesn’t love watching the innovative pitches from entrepreneurs on Shark Tank? These entrepreneurs are able to make you excited about what they are offering, and you should do the same when pitching yourself during your job hunt. Join Liz and Shania as they talk about how important it is to pitch yourself well and listen in as they share some tips on how to do so!

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And this week we are talking about one of our favorite shows, shark tank, and the recruiting tie in is just perfect. And I think I love Shark Tank so much because you’re going to see so many fun entrepreneurs come on there.

They’re pitching their favorite ideas and it’s so fun to see their passion and also the different products that people can create in their minds, because I am so not a creative type. No, I completely agree. I think it’s Scrub Daddy that like started on-

Yeah. Okay, right, because I, that I think is one of my favorite like household items that I own. And so-

I use it every day. So good. So, of course we want to know, are there any Shark Tank products that, you know, have made it big that you love? We’d love to know that. But if you haven’t seen Shark Tank, essentially it’s a reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors.

And our connection to that is the pitching because so much of recruiting is pitching. And we’re going to get a little bit granular, in talking about pitching yourself as a job candidate to an employer, selling your skills and experiences. But, I think if you are in recruiting or in sales, you know, that pitching is also part of how we as recruiters talk to candidates about the roles. But what are your thoughts on the pitching and kind of the tie in, Shania?

Yeah. Pitching is huge. It can make or break your whole candidacy. So you can have really great experience, but focus on the wrong pieces of your experience and seem like not the best fit to the recruiter that’s there. So it’s important to do your research going in to figure out what’s most applicable and also doing a couple of practice rounds with yourself or with other people to just hear what you’re about to say and be able to comprehend it a little bit better and know best practices moving forward to speak with the interviewer.

Would you have any specific tips you give out to your candidates, Liz, before they enter into a interview? Yeah, I think, you know, making sure that you know, your background like so well enough that you’re almost able to tell it in a- like creating a compelling narrative sort of form. Within that, highlighting your strengths, making sure you’re tailoring those strengths to the job, to the hiring manager, to what you know about that, getting ready for any questions and objections. Like, all of these things are part of the pitch and kind of within that building the credibility and the trust, really setting yourself up for success.

And that is also one of the perks of, and we’ve talked about this on our show before, working with us on the agency recruiting side, because we’re able to help you formulate that pitch because we know our clients really well. We know our hiring managers really well, and we’re able to tell you, like, make sure you focus on this or that.

And so, you know, utilize the recruiter in your search to help you come up with that pitch. And, I think you can go a long way. Yeah, definitely. Ask questions before so you can have the best path moving forward. Absolutely. Stay tuned for our next entertainment tie-in.


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